International Students

International students studying at Towson University have specific requirements for immunizations and health insurance.


I. Policy on Mandatory Health Insurance for International Students
All international students (including those in the ELC Program) on J and F visa status or any other temporary visa not employment-related MUST have a health insurance policy during the time they are in the U.S. that meets the university's minimum insurance standards. (See Section II below) International students on these visa types will be automatically enrolled in the Towson sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) through Aetna Student Health when they enroll at the University. The cost of the insurance policy will be charged to the student's tuition account and is the student's responsibility. This charge will not be refunded unless a waiver request has been submitted and approved by the deadline. See Section III below for deadlines and information about the Student Health Insurance Plan.

II. Insurance Standards for International Students
Students seeking a waiver (exemption) from the Towson Student Health Insurance Plan must show proof of alternative health insurance that includes certain minimum benefits. Please see the Minimum Health Insurance Standards.

III. Waiver information
If you already have health insurance that you believe meets Towson University’s minimum standards, you may request Waiver from purchasing the Towson University-sponsored health insurance plan.

To waive student health insurance coverage and receive a refund to your student account for the insurance charge, you must log in to the Online Waiver System and provide information about your current health insurance policy by the waiver deadline. No paper waiver applications will be accepted, and no online applications will be accepted after the deadline (see below).

Waiver deadlines are September 15 for fall term, February 15 for spring term and June 15 for summer term.If the waiver application is not filed by the established deadlines, it will not be considered and charges for the insurance will not be refunded.We strongly suggest you do not purchase alternative insurance until your waiver application has been approved.

IV. Immunizations All international students must complete the immunization requirements for new students by August 15 (or January 25th for spring enrollment). Requirements include 2 doses of Measles-Mumps-Rubella and a single dose of Tetanus-Diptheria-Pertussis. If you are living in on-campus housing you must also have a meningococcal vaccine. 

All international students on visas must come to the Health Center upon arrival at Towson University for a TB testing visit. A TB test is required, regardless of prior BCG vaccination. A chest x-ray alone is not acceptable. If you have a TB blood test performed within 6 month of arrival to Towson University, bring this documentation with you. If the blood test was positive, bring the official x-ray film. If you have ever been treated for a positive TB test or active tuberculosis, bring documentation of drugs and duration of treatment. You will not be allowed to remain in classes if you do not complete this requirement.

Learn more about immunization requirements under new student requirements