The Health Center offers a full array of health services to our students.


health center services 

Allergy Shots

Resident students and those whose allergist is outside the metropolitan area are eligible to receive their allergy shots at the Health Center. Interested students should ask for an instruction sheet that their physician must fill out and sign before they can receive their shots at the Health Center. These can be set up in advance for the semester. 

Contraceptive Counseling and Services

At the Health Center, we provide prescriptions for birth control pills, Nuva Ring, and Depo-Provera shots. 

We also offer emergency contraception (Plan B for $11 and Ella for $39) and condoms and other safer sex supplies for free. Call to make an appointment if you have questions about birth control or emergency contraception. 

 Common Illnesses and Minor Injuries

The Health Center offers care for common illnesses such as the flu, colds, rashes, nausea, diarrhea, sore throat and urinary tract infections, just to list a few. We can also monitor your health if you have a chronic health problem such as asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes. Our providers are experienced in diagnosing and treating the common illnesses often seen among college students. 

HIV and STI Testing

We offer testing, diagnosis and treatment for a variety of STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Our clinical staff can also prescribe PrEP to those with an increased risk of acquiring HIV. STI education and counseling is also available by request.

Immunizations and Tuberculosis testing

We provide a number of immunizations at the Health Center. To learn more about the immunizations that are required and recommended for Towson University students, consult our new student requirements

Lab Services

We have an office lab where we are able to tests such as: rapid strep, flu and mono tests, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, blood tests for diabetes and anemia. Lab tests that we cannot perform in the Health Center are sent to an accredited private laboratory or the State of Maryland Lab. We have a certified phlebotomist who can draw blood samples and prepare specimens to be sent to outside labs.

Minor Office Procedures

The Health Center staff is experienced in handling routine office procedures such as simple suturing lacerations, removal of ingrown nails, draining abscesses or small cysts, and evaluation/biopsy of moles.

Physical Exams 

The Health Center offers students comprehensive physical examinations for sports participation, travel, pre-operative requirements, and for health professional student requirements. We charge a fee for the examination plus additional charges may apply if lab work, immunizations or TB skin tests are required. Appointments are required and there is a no-show charge applied if appointments are not canceled at least 2 hours prior to appointment time.

 Referral Network of Specialists

For services beyond our scope, such as diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions or those requiring specialty care, we have an extensive referral network of local physicians, sports medicine clinics, radiologists and other specialty services. For serious emergencies or hospitalization there are two local hospitals within five minutes of campus. 

 Nicotine Cessation

The Health Center is currently offering individual nicotine cessation counseling or nicotine cessation products such as nicotine replacement therapy and Chantix. If you are interested in quitting smoking you may schedule an appointment with a Tobacco Treatment Specialist (email ) or attend one of the cessation classes offered by the Baltimore County Health Department

Massage Therapy

Massage is available at the Health Center in 30 or 60 minute appointments. Massage may be covered by health insurance or you can pay directly.