University Budget Office

The University Budget Office manages, develops, monitors and analyzes the university's multimillion dollar operating budget.  We forecast and analyze the university's financial status, respond to fiscal inquiries and ensure compliance with state and NACUBO guidelines. We also advise on the resolution of budget issues and maintain position control and vacancy reporting for state positions. 

Purchasing Guidelines

TU’s faculty and staff play an important role in maintaining our sound financial footing.  The electronic signature of the cost center manager/financial steward will serve as approval of an essential purchase, we ask you to continue to do your part. 

  • Limit purchases to those that are essential to our academic mission, health and safety, or essential business operations.
  • Before purchasing anything, consider whether there are lower or no-cost options available to you, such as utilizing on-campus sources for furniture and computers before purchasing them new. 
  • Some examples of essential purchases include critical learning tools for students, supplies necessary for the health and safety of the campus community, tools that facilitate online learning, and purchases needed to implement legislative requirements. 

By finding creative solutions and taking a prudent approach to spending, we can all help TU stay strong.

Budget Process & Timeline

Budgeting is a continual process wherein departments are planning for the next year's budget while managing the current fiscal year. The budget process timeline lays out responsibilities and milestones in preparing the university's complex budget.

Operating Budget and Plan

The University Budget Office publishes an annual Operating Budget and Plan book to share information about the university’s internal budget. The book outlines key budget changes from the previous fiscal year and provides an overview of each division’s budget by revenue source. It is published each fall for the current fiscal year.

Stratus Budgeting Information

Towson University's budget is managed through Stratus. Access Stratus Budgeting Information for help working with budgets, and requesting revenue transfers. You can also access of accounts, and information on working with self support departments. 

Stratus Financials is TU’s modern business platform and budget planning system.

Access Stratus through MyTU

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Contact Information

University Budget Office

Administration Building 
Room 403
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.