Center for the Arts Gallery

The Center for the Arts Gallery is the main venue for viewing some of the region and the nation’s finest artwork. The gallery is on the third floor of the Center for the Arts, near the box office.

Center for the Arts Gallery

The Center for the Arts Gallery is the main venue for viewing some of the region and nation's finest artwork and is a premier exhibition space, rivaling many museum spaces. The schedule includes several exhibitions each year of important living artists of the past 40 years, as well as emerging artists. 

Engaging lectures and premier exhibitions can be found on our campus throughout the year.

Current Exhibition

Artscape gallery network: extravagant visions, extraordinary imaginings

July 7-august 3, 2018
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Opening Reception: July 14, 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.
We have increasingly come to see the period of childhood as singular and deserving of protection, during which children develop best when left to their own natural instincts and in close relation to nature. To be an artist is to have the ability to recapture childhood at will, with all the imagination, curiosity, tactility, and openness that demands.
Artists: Laura Amussen, Eric Rivera Barbeito, Carol Barsha, Ed Bisese, Nancy Daly, Sutton Demlong,
Linda DePalma, Tim Doud, Gregory Ferrand, Emily Francisco, Matthew Freel, Billy Friebele, Zoe Friedman, Stephanie Garmey, Adam Hager, Suzy Kopf, Bridget Sue Lambert, Khanh Le, Jun Lee, Linling Lu,
Sarah Magida, Jennifer McBrien, Katie Miller, Jill Orlov, Steven Pearson, Ben Piwowar, Scott Ponemone, Randi Reiss-McCormack, Andrew Thorp, Christine Buckton Tillman, René Treviño,Will Watson,
Franz Rheinhardt Wise


Past Exhibitions

From the Inside Out: Building the Silhouette

January 30-March 17, 2018
This exhibition celebrated Towson’s extensive historical clothing collection, with a focus on the century between 1820-1920. Visitors got a behind the scenes look at the clothing we so often see in old photos and
ads. From the most private of undergarments and hidden tricks of the trade to the outfits and accompanying outerwear, we answered the question, "How DID they wear that?"
 From the Inside Out programming supported in part by Towson University, The Baltimore County Commission on Arts and Sciences, and the Maryland State Arts Council



PRINTFEST: MODERN, contemporary and Future masters

September 8-December 9, 2017
PRINTFEST was a collection of four interrelated exhibitions on prints and printmaking in the 20th and 21st centuries: Modern Masters: Twentieth Century Prints from the Reading Public Museum; Modern Masters: Twentieth Century Prints by African American Artists in the Collection of Otis Robertson; Modern Print Methods and Techniques; and Masters of the Contemporary Print. These exhibitions showcase historical figures and young and upcoming artists, and include Picasso, Warhol, John Biggers, Alison Saar, Sandy Winters and Shelley Thorstensen. 

Dark Humor: Joyce J. Scott and Peter Williams

Dark Humor and related programming supported in part by Towson University and the Maryland State Arts Council


VISIONS OF PLACE FULL Calendar of Events (PDF)
Visions of Place and related programming supported in part by Towson University; Rutgers University; Rutgers Center for the Arts/Camden; Artis Grant Program; Embassy of Israel, Washington D.C.; Maryland Humanities Council; and the Maryland State Arts Council.