Information Desk

The University Union Information Desk is located near the elevators on the second floor of the University Union. The desk offers assistance to the students, faculty, staff and visitors who travel to the University Union for the many events and activities that take place in the building.

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Tabling, Posters, Recycling

The Information Desk provides general information such as directions and phone numbers, monitors tabling inside the University Union, and approves fliers and posters for distribution within the building.

Recycling collection bins for batteries, cell phones, printer cartridges and fluorescent light bulbs are located at the Information Desk and on the first floor.


Lost & Found

The Information Desk serves as the university’s designated lost and found. Once items are deemed abandoned or lost, steps are quickly taken to identify and locate the owner. When the owner cannot be found, unclaimed items will be stored and tracked by the University Union Building Manager.

Items Found throughout Campus

Campus departments that find property on their premises or to which an individual turns in lost or abandoned property must complete a Found Property Report (FPR). The FPR must be completed for each item and faxed to the Union Building Manager at x4-3048 as soon as possible after it is found, so that its location is known if someone calls to retrieve it. The property and the completed FPR may be maintained in the finding department for 2 days (48 hours) while an effort is made to identify the owner. At the end of two days, the property must be turned over to the University Union Building Manager or they will not be accepted.

Potential Owners

Potential owners of the property may recover it by making a proper identification of the item at the University Union’s Information Desk. Refer to the university's lost and found policy below.

Care and Comfort

We care about your comfort and take pride in the appearance of our building. Contact us to discuss your safety, maintenance and comfort needs. We are happy to serve as the liaison between our tenants and guests and Facilities Management and ABM Janitorial Services.


Keys and Access

Tenants, including new hires, who require access to offices may submit a written request from the department head to receive the necessary keys.



University Union Info Desk including Lost and Found

Info Desk, 2nd Floor