Food Waiver

Black and Gold Catering is Towson University's exclusive caterer.  Use this form when requesting a waiver of services from Black and Gold Catering, in particular, for those wishing to provide their own food for their event or for those who wish to use a caterer not associated with Towson University.

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(Contact 410-704-2315 if you are unsure.)

Menu Information
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Food Waiver Agreement and Guidelines
  • All events containing food and/or beverage held on the Towson University campus must be catered by Black & Gold Catering unless this food waiver request form has been approved.
  • Per Towson University policy, all raw food and alcohol must be provided by Black & Gold Catering.
  • Per Towson University policy, all alcohol must be purchased and handled by Black & Gold Catering.
  • Only Black & Gold Catering is permitted to use heating fuel. (Sterno)
  • Submission of this form does not constitute a room reservation with Event & Conference Services.
  • Food waiver request forms must be received by Black & Gold Catering at least 10 business days prior to the date of the event. Forms received not within this window will be automatically denied.
  • I agree that only the menu items listed will be offered at this event.
  • I understand that neither Towson University nor Black & Gold Catering will be liable for illness or casualty resulting from this food.
  • I agree to take all necessary precautions related to food safety, sanitation, preparation and storage.
  • I understand that it is my organization's responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the meeting area including the removal of food, utensils and trash. The room must be returned to its original state.
  • Black & Gold Catering has a "right of first refusal" clause in their contract for providing all food and catering service on campus. There is no limit to the cost of a catering event; however, food or catering services costing more than $250 must be provided by Black & Gold Catering. If Black & Gold Catering is unable to provide the requested service, they will issue a written waiver.
  • Occasionally, events have special circumstances where catering options do not meet the needs of the events.
  • Donations: All donated food must be processed or prepared in a licensed food service operation, or in an establishment or place, meeting equivalent requirements of the Maryland Department of Health. A letter of donation from the licensed food operator to the Director of Catering must be provided 10 working days in advance of the event.
  • All donated alcohol must be served by Chartwells. A letter of donation must be provided from the establishment providing the alcohol. A corkage and bartender fee will be charged for the service.
  • Exceptions may be granted ONLY in limited situations such as to support a specific cultural/religious/ethnic program.