Together Towson

Connecting Campus and Community

Together Towson: aerial of TU and nearby community

Towson University’s commitment to improving lives doesn’t stop at the boundaries of our campus. Together Towson is a university initiative designed to strengthen and support connections between Towson University and the Towson community. We’re building on our shared momentum in Towson through development, engaging experiences and core commitments to our community.

Dynamic Development

Towson University is invested in a number of building development projects, both on- and off-campus. Not only are we creating additional opportunities for our students, we’re expanding resources and space the entire community can utilize for research, academics, business growth and recreation.

Engaging Experiences

TU is making it easier for you to access meaningful programs. Experience the multicultural creativity of the arts, join us in cheering on our Tigers, and find new paths to health and wellness. Our community is your community, and these enriching experiences are for all to share.


Core Commitments

We are dedicated to building relationships, spurring growth and supporting our community. At Towson University, it starts with a commitment to people. TU is fostering deep connections, building business associations and contributing to improving communities throughout the Greater Baltimore region.