On-Campus Internships

Student filming outside on campus

Why intern on campus?

It’s convenient if you don’t have a car, or you can limit commuting expenses if you do. You also can maximize your time if you have a tight schedule. And you get all the benefits of an off-campus internship.

Here’s how to start your search:

Step One: Identify Possible Sites

Think of TU as a small city with a variety of business and services
  • Where could you plug in to find the experience you desire?
  • Which office/service/program/department offers the environment you seek?
  • Where is a logical place for you to look and land?
Do you want to develop technical or transferable skills?

Technical skills

  • Role or industry-specific
  • Develop through class or work experience

Transferable skills

  • Applied to many and new situations
  • Developed in a variety of experiences (class, work, co-curricular, leadership, volunteer, projects, research)
Which settings offer opportunities to develop the desired skills and experiences?
  • There are a variety internships on campus in multiple settings to develop your skills and experiences

Step Two: Search and Apply

Complete your Handshake profile
  • Log in to Handshake and complete your profile
If you haven’t identified a specific department for your on-campus internship, go to the “Jobs” tab and filter by “On-Campus” employment
  • Further filter by “TU Intern” in the job title
Don’t see an internship that complements your goals?
  • Select a campus job in a department that offers potential
  • Revise the job description to reflect higher level skills
  • Negotiate new/different duties with the supervisor
Already working part time on campus?
  • Consider turning your on-campus job into an internship! Talk to your supervisor about the possibility of developing an internship opportunity following these Internship Employer Expectations.


Additional Resources

Once you've found an opportunity that interests you, be sure to follow these steps for . . .