Meredith & Megan Price

Business administration majors Megan and Meredith Price have always dreamed of owning a business together. So when the twins learned of an opportunity to study and participate in entrepreneurial activities at TU, they jumped at the chance.

M Price
Megan Price (center) and Meredith Price (front) with ENACTUS team members Redate Haile (left) and Biruk Lulseged (right) at the café in Stephens Hall. 

In their freshman year, they both joined the student organization ENACTUS (Entrepreneurship, Action, Us) and began working on their first project: a grab-and-go café on the first floor of Stephens Hall.

ENACTUS members began their assignment by developing a business plan, then together they took a vacant small space in Stephens Hall and revamped it, working with the campus facilities team, a designer, and art services on everything from installing countertops to designing a logo. 

“We have learned to work with individuals at all levels from students to administrators,” says Meredith. “At meetings on campus, we have become more professional and more effective in our communications.” The café is located not far from the area in Stephens Hall that formerly housed the campus student union in the 1960s.

“ We have definitely learned how much work goes into running a business. ”

Megan Price

The student-run café offers patrons healthier options than vending machine fare at competitive prices. The goal of the café is to offer employment opportunities and to create a legacy for future students at Towson.

“Everything we are learning in the classroom is applied to our new business,” says Megan, citing ways they have incorporated accounting, marketing, management, human resources and even inventory control into the business. The group also works with the local Panera Bread and Towson Hot Bagels on a food recovery project to transfer food not purchased to local homeless people.

“We have definitely learned how much work goes into running a business,” Megan says. Still, despite the challenges, “Having our own business is something we want to do in the future.”