Plamen Peev gets business students career-ready in his sales and marketing courses

Marketing professor challenges his students’ preconceptions in every class

By Jill Sullivan

Plamen peev

“You can tell in their wide-open eyes that you have said something significant -- something they don’t know or something that contradicts their stereotypes, especially in sales,” says Plamen Peev, associate professor of marketing. “These are great moments, when you can see that you are delivering value.”

Peev’s passion for business creates an infectious energy in the classroom. Even his quietest students push their limits during role-playing assignments when they must react on the spot to sales presentations.

Peev brought his zeal for learning and discovery to Towson University in 2011, when he joined the faculty of the Department of Marketing. Since then, he's served as the American Marketing Association (AMA) faculty adviser, led study abroad trips to France, and spearheaded the Strategic Sales Competition, the only collegiate sales competition in the Baltimore area.

Peev’s love of teaching is coupled with a passion for creating knowledge through research. His research interests include consumer behaviors, brand extensions and product ingredients.  

“By participating in research, you advance the knowledge on how people interact with the world, which allows businesses to not only find further financial success, but also uphold sound ethical standards," he says.

“ By participating in research, you advance the knowledge on how people interact with the world. ”


Outside the classroom, Peev embraces Maryland’s changing seasons. He doesn’t even mind the snow. He also appreciates TU’s central location and cultural opportunities, especially when he entertains visitors.

Peev came to the United States from his homeland of Bulgaria in 2001. Since international phone calls were expensive and communal video chat was yet to be invented, Peev had limited contact with his loved ones. Playing soccer, in addition to finding his niche academically, allowed him to maintain the “confidence and structure” he needed to assimilate into American culture.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of South Carolina, and his doctorate in business administration and marketing from the University of Georgia. He says his motivation to succeed ignited his perseverance.

“I was very motivated to succeed, whatever the definition of success was for me at that point.”


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