Health Science (M.S.)

Health science is an applied field where scientific principles and evidence-based practice are used to improve health organizations and patients’ lives. It is broadly concerned with health outcomes: how to evaluate and improve processes within organizations as well as individuals’ health-related behavior.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Health Science?

Graduates of the health science master’s program launch or enhance careers in health care or community health within for-profit, nonprofit, and government organizations.

  • Build on your experience in health education, public health, psychology, nursing, or other health-related fields.
  • Develop a strong background in behavioral sciences, quantitative analysis, and program planning at the graduate level.
  • Broaden your knowledge, learn new skills, and prepare to make significant contributions to your communities.

Choose Your Specialty

Tailor the program to fit your academic needs and professional goals. Choose your specialization and pursue one of the following concentrations:


This concentration, focusing on the business side of healthcare, helps you build the skills you need to play a leadership role in public, private and community health settings.

  • Choose courses in healthcare systems, finance, and management to enhance your skills and marketability.
  • Strengthen your leadership skills by adding the Health Leadership Graduate Certificate. The certificate easily fits within the master’s program without adding additional expense or time to graduation.
  • Health administration graduates can pursue careers such as public health coordinator, health communications specialist, or project manager.

Community Health

This concentration helps you understand the factors that influence health-related behaviors and apply theory to promote healthy practices.

  • Choose courses in social, cultural and psychological determinants of health behavior, health behavior theory, and program planning and evaluation.
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to improve the health of individuals and communities. Strengthen your leadership skills by adding the Health Leadership Graduate Certificate. The certificate easily fits within the master’s program without adding additional expense or time to graduation.
  • Community health graduates can pursue careers such as health education specialists, public health analysts, and community health workers in a variety of settings such as: hospitals, nonprofits, private business and industry, or government agencies. 

Dual Concentration

Students with an interest in both concentrations can elect to pursue a dual program with nine required courses—all of those needed for the Administration and Community Health concentrations—plus three electives.

A Flexible Format 

Designed for the working professional, the program offers a wide variety of evening classes, and part-time students can complete coursework at their own pace. A large number of elective courses permits students to design a program that fits their needs and interests. Courses may be taught face-to-face, online, or hybrid (that is, a combination of both).

Admission and Degree Requirements

  • View admission requirements and deadlines to apply to the program.
  • All concentrations require 36 credits for degree completion.
  • The Plan of Study form helps students make their course selection. Students should meet with their advisor by the end of their first semester to complete a preliminary Plan of Study (PDF).
  • Depending on your career objectives, you have the option of completing a thesis or project at the end of the program to demonstrate your ability to independently identify and assess a health concern and conduct professional-level research.
  • View more information about degree requirements and course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog.

Experienced Faculty

Faculty members bring unique perspectives to the classroom, based on years of practical experience and their ability to engage students in important discussions of real-world problems. Health science students have access to a diverse, talented and highly experienced faculty who work closely with students to help them plan their specialized course of study.

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