HCMN Internship

The Health Care Management Internship is a web-supported, supervised, educational experience in a health service organization that serves as the culmination of the student’s study of health care management. This 12-unit course is a major requirement and students must commit to a full-time (approximately 40 hour) work week under the direction of a preceptor. The student internship experience is mandatory, unpaid, and there are no waivers.

The HCMN internship will provide students with an in-depth learning experience where they can apply health care management theories and principles in a specific health care setting. In addition to easing role transitions from school to professional work settings, the internship will provide students with a range of opportunities to further enhance their understanding of the unique aspects of health care management.

TU’s HCMN Internship is currently recognized by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration as a “best practice.” Our internship is a 12 credit course (versus the usual 3-6 credits) and is overseen by our Internship Coordinator and Program Coordinator. We seek out placements for our interns, and ensure that the preceptors and the projects are appropriate for our students to complete their studies.

Examples of learning experiences available to students during the internship include (but are not limited to):

  • observation of professionals in the field
  • participation in the decision making process
  • demonstration of leadership and organizational skills
  • development of professional contacts
  • an accumulation of practical experiences that will assist in future job searches
  • students will assume major responsibility for a program or project in the health service
  • organization, directed by the preceptor, that will enable the student to demonstrate critical leadership and organization skills in written and verbal form

Internship placement will be prioritized by student GPA and the department’s ability to obtain the internship. Students must:

  • interview for the internship before the beginning of the semester and must be acceptable to the supervising agency
  • have email and access to the Internet to participate in the web-supported portion of this course
  • be evaluated by their on-site internship supervisors
  • submit a complete assessment portfolio in order to receive a grade
  • keep a copy of the same portfolio for their own professional goals

Grading is satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

As a requirement of the healthcare management major, students are required to complete an internship.  Please contact Professor Susan Casciani ( for more details.