Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Health Sciences at Towson University offers undergraduate programs in allied health, applied adult disabilities, gerontology, health care management, and health science.


Allied Health Major

The Allied Health Major is a unique transfer-based program of study for students who have completed an Applied Associate of Science (A.A.S.) degree in an allied health field at a community college. The bachelor’s degree program is based upon students’ clinical skills, and complements that foundation with learning geared to advanced positions within the broader health care industry.

 Gerontology Major

The Gerontology Major provides a comprehensive study of aging, which includes issues related to health, economics, policy, ethics and culture.

Health Care Management Major

The Health Care Management Major combines an understanding of business principles with the rapidly changing health care delivery system.

Health Education and Promotion Major

The Department of Health Sciences offers three concentrations in the Health Education and Promotion Major: school health concentration (enrollment suspended), community health concentration, and a school and community health (dual) concentration (enrollment suspended). Each concentration requires 12 units of internship to be completed in the student’s final term, pending completion of all other core and major requirements. Placements for completing the internship will be approved and assigned by program coordinators, pending student completion of stipulated requirements for the respective concentration.

( Please note that both the school and dual programs have suspended enrollment, contact the department for additional information.)


Applied Adult Disabilities Minor

The Applied Adult Disabilities Minor will enhance your existing area of study, and your AADS service learning course will ensure that you gain real-world experience working with, or on behalf of, adults with disabilities. 

Gerontology Minor

The Gerontology Minor allows you to add to your marketability and desire to help others enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Health Care Management Minor

The Health Care Management Minor complements your current knowledge base and helps you gain an advantage in the marketplace.

Health Science Minor

The Health Science Minor adds to your breadth of knowledge with health-related coursework.

 Public Health Minor

The Public Health Minor gives you a basic foundation that includes the natural history of disease, the three levels of prevention and related concepts important to public health promotion, and disease prevention.