Applied Adult Disability Studies Minor

The U.S. Census reports that nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population has a disability of some kind, and many individuals need specialized programs and services.

Individuals with disabilities ranging from blindness to autism to post-traumatic stress disorder are contributing members of society, participating in the work force, utilizing health care systems and enjoying recreation and leisure time just like their nondisabled peers. Some of these individuals may rely on government programs for support while all of them are consumers of goods and services. Their needs, their rights, and their perspectives are important for health care providers and business professionals to understand and address.

A Valuable Addition

A minor in applied adult disability studies (AADS) demonstrates the extra effort you have taken to support, advocate for and collaborate with people with a wide variety of disabling conditions. The minor also demonstrates your ability to deal with issues of diversity and adds a valuable dimension to your educational experience.

The AADS minor will enhance your existing area of study, and your AADS service learning course will ensure that you gain real-world experience working with, or on behalf of, adults with disabilities.

Minor Requirements

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