Public Health Minor

Complement your major with practical core knowledge that will help you contribute to the improvement of the health and well-being of people in their homes, communities and workplaces. Your employment opportunities will be boosted by a basic foundation that includes the natural history of disease, the three levels of prevention and related concepts important to public health promotion, and disease prevention.

Admission to the Minor

The minor is open to students from all majors, except those with a major in Public Health. The minor is open to anyone with a 2.00 GPA from any discipline.

Required of the Public Health Minor

The 21 credit Public Health Minor comprises six required (three credit) courses spanning the spectrum of epidemiology, environmental health, public health policy, health systems and personal health concepts and issues. In addition, students will select one elective to gain knowledge in a specialized area of interest. Students must earn a C or better in all minor courses to complete the public health minor.

Required Courses

You can view specific course requirements for the Public Health Minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.