A joyful calling

If nurses were still required to wear white caps on the job, TU nursing student Linda Tsassong’s cap would say: Serve with joy.

Linda Tsassong

When Linda Tsassong visited Towson University as a 12th grader from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, she knew that TU was the place she was meant to be. She felt confident she would be successful, and fortified her optimism with hard work and a sincere belief that all things are possible.

Tsassong will graduate with a nursing degree. Service and joy are frequent descriptors when she talks about her passion for caregiving.

“As a nurse, I can have a great impact on an individual simply by caring for them. Nursing is a great way to combine my interest in anatomy with my desire to help others improve their health and their lives.”

“ Look at how much you will learn, the connections you will make, and the endless opportunities ahead. ”

Linda Tsassong

Service is a constant in Tsassong’s life. She volunteered at Baltimore’s Annual Goodwill Thanksgiving Dinner at the Convention Center, helping to feed thousands of homeless and disenfranchised residents. She was inspired by the number of volunteers who came together for one cause — to serve others — and recognized that working with people toward a common goal was a joyful experience for her.

Tsassong appreciates her TU teachers and advisers who have provided encouragement and support for her academic and professional journey. She credits Carol Pippen, her English 102 professor, with helping to elevate her confidence level. “She made me feel I mattered and that my story was important.”

Tsassong came to the United States from Cameroon when she was seven years old, a non-English speaker who worked diligently to be true to her original culture while finding her place in a new one. She successfully connected culture, caregiving and academics at Towson University.

To students interested in the nursing profession, Tsassong has these words of wisdom, spoken with her characteristic and infectious optimism. “TU’s nursing program may be competitive, but hard work and grace will get you through the program. Look at how much you will learn, the connections you will make, and the endless opportunities ahead.”

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