Faculty & Staff


 Name  Title
Associate Professor
Visiting Instructor
Tammy Bowers, MSN, RN, CPN Clinical Assistant Professor
Adriane Burgess, PhD, RNC-OB, CCE Assistant Professor
Sarah Caro, PhDc, MS, RN  Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Karen Williams-Cooper, MS, RN  Clinical Assistant Professor
Clinical Instructor
Elizabeth (Beth) Crusse, MS, MA, RN, CNE Degree Completion Coordinator, Clinical Associate Professor
Mary Sharon Curran, MS, RN  Clinical Associate Professor
Angela Durry, MSN, RN  Clinical Assistant Professor
Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Mary Gergis, PhD, MS, BS, RN Assistant Professor
Clinical Instructor
Nancy Hannafin, MS, RNC Undergraduate Coordinator, Clinical Associate Professor, Freshman Year Advisor
Vicky Kent, PhD, RN, CNE Clinical Associate Professor
Hee Jun Kim, PhD, MSN, RN Assistant Professor
Mary Lashley, PhD, RN, PHCNS-BC Professor, Freshman Year Advisor
Hayley Mark, PhD, MSN, MPH, RN Department of Nursing Chairperson
Joanna Maxwell, PhD, RN, CTN Professor
Margaret McCormick, MS, RN Clinical Associate Professor
Teresa Nikstaitis, DNP, RN, CCRN Clinical Assistant Professor
Kathleen Ogle, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, CNE Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor
Hyunjeong Park, PhD, MSN/MPH, RN, ANP Assistant Professor
Marie (Dolly) Rock, MS, BSN, RN, CNE Clinical Assistant Professor
Tara Ryan, MSN, RN Clinical Assistant Professor
, PhD, RN, CNE Assistant Professor
Briana Snyder, PhD, RN-BC, CNE Assistant Professor
Visiting Instructor
Regina Twigg, DNP, RN, CNE Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical Instructor



 Name & Title Contact Information

Lorraine (Lori) Armstrong, MSN, RN
Clinical Placement Coordinator

Linthicum Hall, Room 201E

Charla Fowlkes
Academic Program Manager
Freshman Year Advisor

Linthicum Hall, Room 208

Jennifer Gordon
Degree Completion Specialist/Advisor


Linthicum Hall, Room 213

Nakida Hagans
Administrative Assistant

Linthicum Hall, Room 301

Laura Knox
Clinical Partner Liaison

Linthicum Hall, Room 201A
Peter Morin
Simulation Lab Technologist

Linthicum Hall, Room 303
Dorothy Mundy, MN, RN, CNE
Retention and Success Specialist

Linthicum Hall, Room 201M

Brook Necker
Admissions and Retention Coordinator/Supervisor
Freshman Year Advisor

Linthicum Hall, Room 210

Katherine Patti
Administrative Assistant


Linthicum Hall, Room 301

Lisa Shue
Administrative Assistant

Linthicum Hall, Room 301

Valeria Smith
Coordinator of Student Success

Linthicum Hall, Room 201M

Angela Tate
Academic Advising Specialist, Pre-licensure Option
Freshman Year Advisor

Linthicum Hall, Room 213

 Toni Tracey
Administrative Assistant, Hagerstown Center

Hagerstown Center