Associate-to-Bachelor’s (ATB) Nursing Dual Enrollment

The Associate-to-Bachelor's (ATB) nursing track is a collaborative initiative between the Towson University Department of Nursing and Maryland community colleges. This accelerated year-round plan allows students to work toward earning their associate degree in nursing from a partner community college and a bachelor's degree from Towson University at the same time.

About ATB

Current data indicate that only a small proportion of nurses with associate’s degrees continue their education and earn a baccalaureate degree. The Associate-to-Bachelor’s (ATB) admission option was originally designed as a way to help meet the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation to increase the number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses from 50% to 80% percent by 2020. Today, it continues to be a one of the ways that Towson University’s Department of Nursing is helping new nurses seamlessly transition from associate to baccalaureate education.

Community College Partners

Admission to the ATB option is a collaborative decision between the Towson University Department of Nursing and the respective community college partner.

TU has ATB partnerships with the following Maryland community colleges:

Dual Enrollment

The ATB option is a year-round, dual enrollment program. Dual enrollment means that they are active students at both institutions but does not mean students are taking courses at both institutions each term. Students follow a set plan of study while enrolled at both institutions through the completion of the associate degree in nursing (ADN). After completion of the ADN and earning their RN license, students finish the remaining requirements toward the bachelor's degree at TU.

Each plan of study was developed collaboratively between the faculty and administration of both institutions and is based on the terms in which the student begins their associate degree program and enters the ATB option.

Students must be successful in all program courses at both institutions in order to progress in their plan of study and continue in the ATB option. Students are assigned an advisor at both institutions to ensure success in completing the degree requirements at both schools.

Start Term Options

ATB admission is offered for fall, spring, and/or summer depending on the partner.  The ATB 1.0 option offers fall or spring admission depending on the plan of study. ATB 1.0 students typically begin dual enrollment in their first term of the ADN program.

The ATB 2.0 summer start option is available for students who want to join the ATB option after completing one or two semesters of nursing courses at the community college.

For plans of study, the admissions requirements, and more program details, visit Admissions & Partnerships.

Students can also view the TU catalog for more information about the degree completion curriculum.

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