Admissions & Partnerships

The Associate-to-Bachelor's (ATB) nursing track is a collaborative initiative between the Towson University Department of Nursing and select Maryland community college partners. This page provides information on each ATB partnership and the admissions process.

ATB Admissions

Each ATB partnership has its own admission timeline and plan of study. Some programs only offer a fall or spring start, while others may offer admission for both terms. Please refer to the table below for partnership details and application deadlines.

Community College Partner details & Plan of Study TU Application Deadlines
Carroll Community College CCC and TU (PDF) Fall: May 12
Cecil College CC and TU (PDF) Spring: November 9
Community College of Baltimore County CCBC and TU (PDF)

Fall: January 31 
Spring: August 15

Frederick Community College FCC and TU (PDF) Fall: June 3

Harford Community College HCC and TU (PDF)

Fall: May 1
Spring: November 9

Application Process

For admission consideration, students must apply to both the partnership nursing program and the Towson University ATB option. ATB applicants should not submit a Towson University application unless offered admission to the nursing major.

To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the appropriate steps to apply for the partner school's associate degree in nursing program
  2. Submit the online ATB application and pay the $50 non-refundable application fee:
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended to University Admissions. Students may submit either hard copy or electronic transcripts:

Neither Towson University nor the Department of Nursing are responsible for transcripts mailed and not received by the deadline. For any transcript submission questions or receipt verification, students should contact University Admissions.

Enrollment as a Towson University student is required to begin the ATB option, but students should not submit an application to University Admissions until they have received admission to ATB. If admitted to ATB, students will be given instructions on how to apply to and enroll at the university.

Towson Review and Eligibility

Screening for admission to the ATB option will occur after our community college partner has notified applicants about admission to the associate degree nursing program. Admission review is a collaborative process between the TU Department of Nursing and our partner schools' nursing programs.

Students who submit an ATB application but do not receive formal admission to the community college nursing program are ineligible and will not be reviewed for ATB admission. Admission decisions will be sent via email to students who are admitted to the community college nursing program.

Partnership Information

By applying to the ATB option, students grant permission to TU and the community college to share pertinent information related to admission, academics, enrollment, and degree progress. Enrollment and academic information will be shared as needed each term. ATB students are still responsible for submitting their own transcripts and maintaining regular communication with their advisors at both schools.

Cost of Attendance

Students in the ATB option are charged tuition and fees and receive a bill from both institutions. Tuition and fees will be assessed by each school based on the student's credit load at their respective institutions each term.

For TU courses, students are charged the part-time tuition and fees according to how many TU credits they are taking in any given term. For community college courses, they will be charged according to that school's tuition and fee rates. Students can estimate their overall cost of attendance by referring to the plan of study for their total enrollment at each institution each term.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Students enrolled in the ATB option can apply for all available federal and state undergraduate grant, scholarship, and loan programs. All federal and state financial aid is processed through the TU Financial Aid Office. ATB students' financial aid will be based on the total combined enrollment between both schools.

ATB students are also eligible to apply for departmental or institutional scholarships or grants at both institutions. Any institutional scholarships or grants from the partner community college will be reported to TU and counted against the total aid a student may receive. For nursing-specific resources, visit the Department of Nursing Scholarships site.


For any questions about ATB admissions and partnerships, please contact us. For questions about the community college's nursing program, please contact the community college program directly.