Frequently Asked Questions

May I apply to more than one community college?
Yes, you may apply to multiple community college partners. ATB application deadlines vary for each community college partner. You will be required to submit a separate application and application fee for each partner.

May I apply if I haven’t completed all of my prerequisite courses?
Yes, applicants may apply to the ATB option before their prerequisite courses are finished. Admission would be contingent upon completion of all prerequisites before the entry semester begins. Official transcripts are required to show proof of completed prerequisites.

Do I have to apply to Towson University in addition to submitting the ATB application?
If you are admitted to the Towson ATB option you will complete the university admissions process as well. The university admissions process includes another application and monetary commitments. We strongly advise that you DO NOT apply to the university until after you have been admitted to the ATB option.

Are courses offered online or face-to-face? Is there a weekend or evening option?
Courses are offered in three formats: face-to-face, online, or hybrid. The face-to-face format would be your traditional classroom setting. The online format would be taught fully online, and the hybrid format is a combination of face-to-face and online. The hybrid format allows for traditional face-to-face sessions some weeks and fully online sessions other weeks. Courses in the ATB option are offered during the day. Evening and weekend offerings are not an option at this time.

Can I arrange the courses in the curriculum based on my preferences?
The ATB curriculum has been strategically designed to support student success. Students are expected to take courses as outlined in the plan of study relevant to your community college partner and start term.

Can I transfer in upper level electives or nursing courses from another institution?
No, in order to get your B.S. from Towson University, your last 30 credits must be completed at Towson University. The ATB nursing curriculum is comprised of the final 30 credits needed to get your B.S. degree from Towson University. View information about degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog