Voter Engagement Programs

The Office of Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility hosts a myriad of voter engagement and education programs to provide guidance on the U.S. electoral system and create opportunities for learning and reflection as a campus community. 

Unless indicated otherwise, all programs occur in collaboration with the TU Votes Coalition. To register for upcoming programs, go to Involved@TU.  

Register to Vote

Use Towson University’s voter engagement portal to register to vote or update your voter registration information.

Constitution Day Talk (annually in September) 

This educational program on Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the United States Constitution on September 17, 1787, and explores current topics related to it.   

*The program occurs in partnership with the Department of Political Science.  

National Voter Registration Day Resource Fair (annually in September) 

This tabling resource fair on National Voter Registration Day provides TU students with an opportunity to register to vote and engage in meaningful conversations and activities about important issues.  

National Voter Education Week Programming (annually in October) 

A variety of educational programs and social media campaigns occur during National Voter Education Week to provide TU students with the tools, information and confidence to cast their ballots.  

Debate Watch Parties (Midterm and Presidential Election Years only) 

In this program, the TU community comes together to watch and debrief the Presidential, Vice-Presidential and Gubernatorial Debates. 

Party to the Polls (Midterm and Presidential Elections only) 

This program takes place on the first day of early voting in general elections. It serves as an opportunity for the TU community to come together to celebrate the right to vote and learn about the U.S. electoral system.  

Returns Watch Party (Midterm and Presidential Elections only) 

This program invites members of the TU community to watch Midterm and Presidential Election results together, while also providing a space for games and relaxation.  

Post-Election Program (Midterm and Presidential Elections only) 

This program creates a space for the TU community to learn about the impact of the Midterm and Presidential Elections on the local, national and international levels and explore ways to engage in civic life in-between elections.  

Tiger Pride Day (annually) 

On this day, TU students, staff and faculty visit the Maryland State House to meet with state lawmakers and advocate for legislation that the TU Student Government Association has identified as priority bills.

*The Student Government Association is the lead organizer of the program and receives support from several TU departments, including the Office of Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility.