Office of Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility

Social change toward a more just society does not simply happen. It requires all of us to connect, cultivate, co-create, empower and transform.


The Office of Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility creates a thriving civic culture in which every member of the Towson University (TU) community has the disposition, skills and knowledge to be an active co-creator of a shared future. 


TU students develop individual and collective capacities (civic agency, intercultural knowledge, systems knowledge, civic communication, civic action and civic professionalism) to co-create their communities and address issues of public concern.  

TU’s campus has a civic ethos defined by the infusion of democratic values into everyday interactions, cultural practices and structures.  

The wider community embraces TU students as responsible, ethical and innovative problem solvers in the region and beyond.  

TU makes important contributions to national initiatives (e.g., civic learning and democratic engagement, community-based learning and teaching, deliberative dialogues, high-impact practices, restorative practices) and is a recognized leader for work toward the public good.  

Programs and Initiatives

TU students can access voter information resources, attend programs, get involved with on-campus and local community projects, participate in immersive experiences, request workshops, serve in leadership positions, and apply for competitive regional and national fellowships.

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Total number of TU students, and we're still growing.


Portion of 2019 freshman class who identify as racial/ethnic minorities.


Student orgs representing diverse cultural, religious and identity groups.


Contact Information

University Union 252


Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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