Department of English

The Department of English serves all students at the university through extensive general education offerings that strive to improve writing skills, expand liberal learning, and focus critical and analytic thinking. In addition, its major supports the university’s areas of emphasis in three key areas: teacher education; public and private sector development and service; and liberal education. The department’s graduate program in professional writing, unique in Maryland and paralleled by only six other programs nationwide, graduates expert writers who meet the needs of government, social and commercial organizations that rely on expert and efficient writing.

The department’s teacher-scholars pursue scholarship in literature as well as new techniques for teaching and evaluating and improving writing.  In addition, faculty members play key roles in shaping and sustaining university programs in women’s studies, American studies, Afro-American studies, multicultural studies, English education, Law and American Civilization, ancient Mediterranean studies, and the master of arts in humanities. They also actively serve the needs of the region, the state, and the nation through consultations, contracted research and instruction, conferences, publications, and presentations on writing improvement and educational reform.