Why Study English?

Prepare for careers in law, advertising, education, intelligence work, publishing, public relations, and library and information services.

There are great practical and career advancing reasons to consider majoring in English. The skills you gain from an exploration of English will help you:

  • Discover how to think creatively, solve problems, ask the right questions and make inferences the typical reader may overlook.
  • Learn to consider a variety of conflicting arguments as you study poems, plays, articles and novels. The study of literature helps you develop sharp and fair judgments.
  • Explore how to write correctly, clearly and cogently; to deliver a compelling argument; and to adopt the most effective techniques of persuasion through class discussion and written assignments.
  • Read and discuss books that cultured and educated people know.
  • Develop research expertise using online resources, academic databases, newspaper aggregates and professional journals.

Double Major

If you major in another program, but have a strong interest in language, literature or writing, explore the value of a double major. Contact your adviser or the chair of the Department of English for more information.

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