Career & Internship Support

As you register for courses, consider taking an internship, especially if you are enrolled in the Writing or Literature Tracks of the English major.  ENGL 498 fulfills the Capstone Requirement of the major and will help you to prepare for a career after college.

Internship Opportunities

Nationwide, employers emphasize the importance of internships; indeed, a significant number of employers—34%—report that they specifically look for internship experience on the resume of job applicants.  And a letter of recommendation from the supervisor of your internship can be invaluable in landing the job you want.

Towson offers many excellent internships with magazines, publishing houses, newspapers, public relations firms, and businesses.  Each will give you a chance to discover the practical application of the skills you've acquired in writing, critical thinking, editing, oral communication, literary analysis, and research.

The English Department offers two different internships.  ENGL 497 (Internship) is appropriate for all students.  It is graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.  ENGL 498 (Internship as Capstone) is designed to meet the capstone requirement of the English major.  It uses regular (A-F) grading and requires completion of your English Major Assessment Portfolio. 

For more information, see Professor Zosha Stuckey.  Office: LA 5358.  Phone: 410-704-3810.  Email: .

Connecting the University and a Career 

Employers who have welcomed English interns in recent semesters:

Press Box (a newspaper dedicated to area sports)

Chesapeake Home Magazine (a perennial favorite; the Editor-in-Chief was one of our majors)

Cadmus Communications (a leading publisher of scientific and medical journals, offering an outstanding internship)

Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity (a great opportunity to learn about and practice grant writing)

Cook Library (for anyone thinking of doing graduate work in library science)

Script Magazine (a leading publication in movie and television screenwriting, and another perennial favorite)

The National Aquarium (“swim with the fish”—not—but you can write about them, do public relations writing, and help plan events)

Waterman’s Gazette (a newsletter for those who catch fish rather than look at them, located in Annapolis)

American Red Cross

Style Magazine (like Chesapeake Home, a popular choice for those interested in an internship in editing with a popular magazine)

Brick House Books (work as an editorial assistant at Clarinda Harriss’s small press; a rare opportunity in editing in creative writing) (another opportunity in creative writing)

The Mercury (work as editor of the Humanities program newsletter)

Baltimore Magazine

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Sylvan Learning Center

Enoch Pratt Free Library

Grub Street (Towson’s award-winning publication)

Henry Adams LLC (within walking distance of campus)

Maryland Public Television (a student is currently working a production assistant with MotorWeek)

Young Audiences—Arts for Learning

Law Offices of John Turnbull (shadow a Towson lawyer and find out if you really want to go to law school)

Towson Chamber of Commerce

Our own English Professors (Chris Cain, Michael Downs, and George Hahn are among those who have taken on interns as research assistants or manuscript editors)

Baltimore Sun (a great opportunity to intern at a newspaper with a proud history)

See the Towson University Career Center for assistance with career and internship support.