Global Humanities (M.A.)

Succeeding professionally today requires more than just training. In the TU Global Humanities MA program, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel in our diverse and complex world.

A Global Focus

Global Humanities graduate students address global issues through the frame of cultural and historical understanding, interdisciplinary problem-solving, and human-centered approaches to "real world" issues.

Towson University’s master’s program in global humanities fosters positive change through interdisciplinary inquiry into human culture, ideas, and practices. With its global focus on humanitarian and cultural issues, the program prepares graduates to serve as effective, ethical leaders and engaged citizens.

This program is a quality and affordable graduate degree for students pursuing careers in non-profit and NGO work, social justice and community engagement, education, arts management, economics, communications and public relations, and government career sectors. Students also use the degree as a stepping stone to competitive Ph.D. programs in humanities-related fields.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Global Humanities?

Through the study of global humanities, you’ll gain the cultural and historical awareness necessary to understand complex issues of global interactions, not only in the contemporary moment but as things change over time. You’ll learn to negotiate successfully and humanely the increased diversity of our world as it changes in interrelated ways, through economic exchange, war, the mass movement of refugees and migrants, terrorism, and climate disruption. 


Program Advantages

  • Students receive considerable personal attention as most classes have fewer than 16 students.
  • The program’s small size makes it ideal for students who wish to orient the program offerings toward their own needs and interests.
  • You’ll study with a diverse, internationally-known faculty who are actively engaged in humanities-oriented research and community outreach. 
  • Towson University’s proximity to Baltimore City and Washington, D.C., provides students with a wide range of opportunities for involvement (and perhaps an internship) in non-profit, government, or arts programs, community engagement, or cultural organizations.

Admission and Degree Requirements

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