Graduate faculty in the College of Liberal Arts are active scholars who publish articles and books, conduct workshops, collaborate with community organizations, and engage in research and intellectual exchange regionally, nationally and internationally. Such work not only invigorates the classroom but also helps to create opportunities for students. The following faculty teach courses in the Master of Arts in Global Humanities program.

Jennifer Ballengee    LA 5351       410-704-5213 English
Peter Baker LA 4334     410-704-5208 English
Ziad Bentahar LA 4147 410-704-2878 Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Rita Costa-Gomes  LA 4228 410-704-2909 History
Erin Fehskens LA 4210J  410-704-6212 History
Alhena Gadotti LA 4222 410-704-4898 History
George Hahn LA 4358 410-704-5198 English
Kristen Hine LA 4128 410-704-7110 Philosophy
Jacob Hovind LA 5353 410-704-4958 English
Mike Masatsugu  LA 4221   410-704-4647 History
John Murungi     LA 3122   410-704-3935 Philosophy
Margherita Pampinella LA 4210E 410-704-4173 Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Salvatore Papallardo LA 4350 410-704-3493 English
Emily Parker LA 4131 410-704-2860 Philosophy
LA 4235  410-704-3932 History
Desiree Rowe Media Center 205D 410-704-5596 Communication Studies
Zosha Stuckey LA 5358 410-704-3810 English
Tim Sullivan Stephen Halls 101G 410-704-2145 Economics
Jeremy Tasch LA 2341 410-704-4270 Geography