Field Experience

This program includes clinical field experiences in the form of practicum and internship. These clinical experiences are part of the requirements necessary for certification or licensure in the state of Maryland. Towson's program is designed to allow students to accumulate as many of the supervised hours required for licensure as possible, while in the masters program. The Maryland Board requires that students complete 3000 supervised clinical hours no sooner than two years post-masters. Of the 3000 required hours, 1500 must be direct face-to-face client contact hours. The MD Board specifies that students may complete up to 1000 supervised clinical hours during their MA program. Students in the Towson University Counseling Psychology Master's Program accumulate between 540 to 840 supervised clinical hours.

Practicum and Internship:

During the second year of the program, concurrent with other coursework, students enroll in a two-semester long course sequence (practicum in the fall semester and internship in the spring). The course involves 600 hours (20-24 hours a week) of placement in a setting where students provide counseling under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional. Practicum and Internship also involves attendance and participation in a required weekly class on campus. The practicum placements are arranged by the practicum coordinator in consultation with the student and available licensed supervisors. During the practicum and internship experience, students engage in clinical experiences appropriate for their level of professional training.