Licensure Information

Maryland Counselor Licensure Information

LGPC and LCPC (Maryland State Licensure for Counselors)

The LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) is the licensure opportunity available to people with a Masters degree in counseling. This license allows the practitioner the flexibility to work independently, bill insurance companies and operate a private practice. The LGPC (Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor) is a temporary license that serves as a stepping stone to the LCPC. A Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor is approved by the Board to practice graduate professional counseling for a limited period of time under the supervision of an approved supervisor while fulfilling the supervised clinical experience. The LGPC can be obtained by completing 60 credits of graduate coursework in counseling psychology (see required courses below). Once students complete the required coursework, they apply for licensure through the Board and take the National Counselor Exam (NCE). Once the 3000 clinical hours are complete, the LGPC can apply for the LCPC and sit for the state licensure exam.

The State of Maryland requires 60-credit hours for licensure as a LGPC or LCPC.  The Counseling Concentration at TU requires 48 credits for graduation with a MA degree, though we also allow for students to take all 60 credits before graduating with their degree if they so desire.  One can achieve this in two calendar years by attending full-time (12 credits in the fall and spring semesters) and taking four classes across the summer terms and minimester (January term).  Faculty advisors work with you to ensure you meet your educational goals while at TU.

Professional Counselor Licensure Requirements (LCPC)

Education Requirements

A master’s degree with a minimum of 60 graduate semester credit hours.
The credit hours must satisfy the courses outlined by the Board. (This information is in appendix III)

Supervised Clinical Requirements

For Master's level applicants, 3 years with a minimum of 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience in professional counseling under an approved supervisor. Of the 3 years, 2 years shall be post-graduate clinical supervision hours. One year may be acquired before the awarding of the master's degree (practicum and internship).

Examination Requirement

Achieve a passing score on the National Counselors Examination of the National Board for Certified Counselors and the State Law Test.

For more information on this licensure go to the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists.

LCPC Class Checklist (60 credits)

Student Name: _________________  Enrollment Term: _________________

courses required for LCPC equivalent class at towson required for ma 
Human Growth & Development PSYC 611: Developmental Psychology x
Social & Cultural Foundations of Counseling PSYC 722: Advanced Multicultural Counseling x
Counseling Theory PSYC 607: Applied Theories of Counseling x
Counseling Techniques PSYC 605: Counseling Techniques x
Group Dynamics, Processing & Counseling PSYC 721:  Group Counseling x
Lifestyle & Career Development PSYC 606: Career Development x
Appraisal & Diagnosis of Individuals PSYC 647: Use of Tests in Counseling x
Research & Evaluation PSYC 615: Research Methods x
Professional, Legal & Ethical Responsibilities PSYC 790: Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues x
Diagnosis and Psychopathology PSYC 631: Advanced Abnormal Psychology x
Psychotherapy and Treatment of Mental and Emotional Disorders PSYC 609: Advanced Counseling Techniques x
Supervised Field Experience PSYC 745: Practicum in Counseling Psychology x
Marriage & Family Therapy PSYC 718: Techniques of   Family Counseling Elective
Alcohol and Drug Counseling PSYC 637: Counseling Strategies for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Elective
Additional Coursework PSYC 679: Counseloing Psychology in Context x (practitioner track only)
Additional Coursework PSYC 793: Internship in Counseling Psychology x
Additional Coursework Elective (or thesis)  
Additional Coursework Elective (or thesis)  
Additional Coursework Elective  
Additional Coursework Elective