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Advising Resources

Everyone declaring a major or minor in SOAN-CJ is assigned an advisor on the department's faculty. All majors and minors in sociology-anthropology are encouraged to meet with their advisor each semester. In addition to important guidance planning your next semester, one-on-one advising sessions are helpful places to ask questions, discuss past and current progress, and get advice about future personal and professional goals.

Because of the strong demand for many courses, we ask our students to seek advising from faculty in the majorand to get their account holds lifted prior to the beginning of the registration period. 

The department can accept transfer credits from two- and four-year institutions in the major (up to six courses or 18 credit hours). Students must see their faculty advisor in the department or the department chair to determine whether or not a transfer course will actually count towards completion of the major. This is a separate process from transferring courses into Towson University. For USM schools or Maryland community colleges or universities, the department asks students to supply the course description for each course they would like considered. For courses completed outside of Maryland, a syllabus must be submitted to the department advisor for review and consideration.

If you need an advisor, please email us at .

Degree Completion Plan

Once you have reached 45 credits, you will have to file a degree completion plan with your advisor. Your advisor will discuss this with you during your advising session. The templates below represent a possible path to 4-year graduation for each concentration.

Concentration Check Sheets

Curriculum requirements for each concentration.

CLA Advising

Tips and advice from the College of Liberal Arts.

Career Resources

Answers to the question What can I do with a degree in Sociology-Anthropology-Criminal Justice?

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