College Credit & Scholarship

Towson University is proud of its leadership role as Maryland's affiliate university for the Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM). TU awards three (3) Core Curriculum credits to students who successfully complete the TAM program and enroll at Towson University. Students who complete the program must finish the program of study with an overall grade point average of 3.0 in the four TAM courses with no grade lower than a C (2.0) in any of the TAM courses. The three credits are awarded by TU as transcripted credits which means that the credits are recorded on the student’s official college transcript. The credits fulfill TU's Core Curriculum requirement for Category 10: Metropolitan Perspectives.

Towson University TAM Scholarship

Towson University provides an additional benefit to graduates or successful program completers of the Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) program of study who choose to become education majors at Towson University. The Towson University Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) Scholarship is a $1,000 annual award, offered at $500.00 per semester. This scholarship may be received for a total of 4 consecutive years of full-time undergraduate enrollment as an education major and may be applied toward education expenses at TU (fall and spring semesters only).

In order to be eligible for the scholarship TAM students must:

  • Pass the four (4) TAM courses with a GPA of 3.0 with no grade lower than a C (2.0) in any TAM course
  • Complete a program portfolio
  • Pass all High School Assessments (HSAs)
  • Meet the entrance requirements for admission to TU
  • Be admitted and enrolled at Towson as a full-time declared education major; for Secondary Education program, students must declare the appropriate content major and declare Secondary Education as their academic sub-plan

The TAM Scholarship is offered by invitation only—students do not apply for this scholarship. The invitation is extended to each successful TAM program completer for whom a “TAM Program Completion Verification Form” has been submitted to Towson’s Transfer Services Office by student’s high school guidance counselor and principal. The high school must be in a local school system that has an MSDE-approved (Maryland State Department of Education) Teacher Academy of Maryland program of study and has an executed memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Towson University. The “TAM Program Completion Verification Form” can be obtained from the Career and Technology Education (CTE) Director for each school system. The completed verification form should be mailed to the address printed on the bottom of the form.

Once the form has been received by the Towson University Transfer Services Offices, it will be matched with the TAM program completer’s high school transcript. If successful TAM program completion is confirmed, the successful TAM program completer will be awarded the three (3) transcripted credits described above. At that point, the Transfer Services Office will inform the TAM Project Coordinator of the student’s eligibility to be offered the TAM Scholarship. A letter of invitation will be mailed to the eligible TAM program completer, containing details regarding the scholarship and the process for accepting it. Once the TAM Scholarship has been accepted by the student, the award will appear on the student’s financial aid list.

In order to maintain eligibility for this scholarship, you must meet all of these Scholarship Conditions.

As with any scholarship, awarding of the TAM Scholarship is contingent upon the availability of funds.