Program of Study

The Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) program consists of four high school courses that focus on teaching as a profession, human growth and development through adolescence, learning theory, and curriculum and instruction. These credits are designed to articulate to a Maryland post-secondary teacher education program at a designated higher education institution. 

TAM students have the opportunity to conduct formal observations, develop and deliver lesson plans in a PreK-12 setting, and participate in special events and activities with other future educators. TAM coursework focuses on development and learning theory, positive and effective classroom management and discipline, curriculum delivery models, and the creation of developmentally appropriate curriculum and learning environments.

Program Requirements

In order for students to be successful in the TAM program, they must earn a grade point average of 3.0 in the TAM program of study with no grade lower than a C (2.0) in any of the four TAM courses. The following courses are required:

In addition to completing the four TAM courses, TAM students are also required to complete a program portfolio and pass all High School Assessments (HSAs). 

TAM students are also required to maintain active membership in Educators Rising, which is a pipeline to the TAM. It is used to help middle school students develop an interest in education as a profession. TAM students are required to be active members of Educators Rising as preparation for professional practice, as PreK-12 instructors are required to be members of professional organizations. Educators Rising provides students with valuable experiences as well as access to mentors who will help students to develop the professional skills that they will need as educators. Members are provided with opportunities to visit college/university campuses and attend professional conferences.