Frequently Asked Questions

Doctoral Program FAQs

What are the deadlines for applying to the doctoral program?
Applications to the Ph.D. Program are reviewed twice a year. For Fall Admission: June 15th and for Spring Admission: November 1. See the Ph.D. Admissions page for more details.

What are the required components of the doctoral program application?
Please view the Ph.D. admissions page for more details.

Do I need to submit a current GRE score to apply for the doctoral program?
GRE scores are accepted for the doctoral program application, but they are no longer required.

Do you have assistantships or fellowships for doctoral students?
Yes. we have a variety of both fellowships and assistantships available to doctoral students each academic year. Please inquire with the program director or department chair to apply for openings.

Are there scholarships available to doctoral students?
Yes. Many of your students receive scholarships to support their studies.  Follow this Graduate Studies link for more information about these opportunities or speak with the program director.

How many classes can you transfer into the program?
A maximum of 18 credits can be transferred. In order to get transfer credits approved, one has to first be admitted to the program. After being admitted, you complete a transfer form obtained through the registrar’s office. Once completed and submitted, the instructional technology doctoral program evaluates whether the transfer class’s course work covers the same material as a doctoral course’s work.

Are there any prerequisites for the ISTC doctoral program?
A master’s degree from an accredited university is the only official prerequisite to enroll in the ISTC doctoral program. Previous experience and knowledge in learning theories, instructional design, statistics, and research design is recommended. If these topic areas are not evident through previous studies or experiences, directed readings are assigned.

If I attended Towson University as an undergraduate or graduate student, do I need to submit Towson University official transcripts?
No, you do not need to submit Towson University official transcripts. You may submit unofficial transcripts.

Am I required to have a background in technology in order to apply?
You do not need to have a technology background, but it is expected that you use technology regularly as part of your teaching or in other ways. The coursework in the doctoral program will not be focused on “how to”, but rather “how do” we meet the needs of our students, effectively design instruction, and integrate technology into the learning environment.

If I am currently in a Master’s program, do I send my unofficial transcripts?
You may send unofficial graduate transcripts for review but completion of a master’s program is required before starting the doctoral program. If you are admitted into the program, you will be accepted with conditions and must send completed official transcripts before starting doctoral program.

Do I need to submit my resume?
A resume is not a requirement but can be used as a supplemental document.

If I send more than one writing sample, will it be reviewed?
Only one writing sample is reviewed. If you submit more than one, the committee will choose which one to read unless specified by the applicant.

General Doctoral Program Information

Is the doctoral program completed on a full-time or part-time basis?
Most of our students pursue their degree while maintaining full time jobs; only a small number are full time students. You can take as few as one course each semester (spring/fall).

How long does it take to complete the doctoral program?
The program requires a minimum of 63 credits. A full-time student (12 credits/semester) can finish the program in 4-5 years. However, completion time varies based on the number of credits you are enrolled in each semester. Most students finish in 5-7 years taking an average of 9-15 credits a year.

What is the format of doctoral courses?
Most classes meet once per week, usually at 5:00 pm EDT, but sometimes as late as 7:00 pm. A typical class meets for 2-3 hours. All doctoral courses are offered online in a sychronous format and can be taken on campus or from a distance. You can find a course schedule on Towson’s website: Course Schedule

What careers or areas of work do graduates of your program pursue?
Graduates from our program pursue a variety of opportunities, including: professor positions, higher education and PreK-12-based instructional technology positions, higher education and PreK-12-based administrator positions, positions in business, training and professional development, as well as online instruction and instructional design positions. The program is designed to be flexible and allows you to specialize in areas you are most interested in and are most in line with your professional goals.

Do the directed readings need to be completed prior to enrolling in other courses or can they be taken concurrently?
Being assigned directed readings is considered a conditional acceptance. Students must complete directed readings within a year. There are no stipulations regarding the sequence of directed readings or taking other courses concurrently.