Ajla Jugo

Major: Secondary Education, Spanish

Ajla Jugo

Ajla Jugo didn’t speak English when she came to the United States from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2001 at age 8. The language barrier made her studies and interactions with teachers and classmates difficult. However, Jugo explains, her experiences helped her to realize how much people take for granted in their daily lives.

Now a senior at TU, Jugo hopes to become a teacher who can change her students’ lives by creating a caring and positive atmosphere in her classroom. “Not only will my students learn from me, but I will learn from them, too. My career goal is to make a difference in a child’s life in the classroom and in the real world as well.”

Towson prepares its students to become great teachers. ”


This semester Jugo is interning at Pine Grove Middle School in Baltimore County in a hands-on field experience.  Her next teaching rotation will be at Perry Hall High School, also in Baltimore County. “My favorite part of Towson’s secondary education program is that we get experience at both the middle school and high school levels with supportive mentors,” Jugo explains.

She appreciates the faculty support and innovative classroom experiences in the program as well. “Whenever I have a question about lesson planning or classroom management, for example, my professors are always available with suggestions. Our courses at Towson are also tremendously helpful in preparing us to use technology in the classroom.”

“Future educators should choose Towson because it is a school that goes above and beyond to prepare its students to become great teachers. The support system students have in the education department is unbelievable.

“Towson has done a great job in preparing me for my future career as a teacher.”