Why Study Secondary & Middle School Education?

Towson University has been a leader in teacher preparation for 150 years. The Department of Secondary and Middle School Education programs are the oldest and largest in Maryland. Our programs have a stellar reputation for the quality of our graduates. We are dedicated to helping you:

  • understand the developmental and academic needs unique to adolescents
  • prepare to become a facilitator of active learning in culturally, linguistically and developmentally appropriate environments
  • gain field experience incorporating innovative, highly effective strategies for planning, instruction, assessment and technology integration
  • develop critical analysis and reflection skills
  • study and implement effective classroom management strategies
  • increase your skills in technology to support its integration in the classroom in developmentally appropriate ways

“ A teacher can make a huge difference in a student's life by developing positive relationships with them and by instilling knowledge in order to prepare students for higher education and career paths. ”

Corinne Evans '16


Careers in secondary and middle school education offer a variety of rewarding positions in the field. In addition to classroom teaching, graduates broaden their career choices by taking positions as principals and assistant principals, department chairpersons, team leaders, guidance counselors, reading specialists, subject area supervisors and curriculum specialists, as well as a wide variety of central office administrative and service positions. Learn more about careers in education from Towson’s Career Center.