Global Citizenship in Education Graduate Certificate

The global citizenship in education certificate is designed to enhance the knowledge and practice of educators who seek to prepare young people for active participation in the community and the world.

Why Earn a Graduate Certificate in Global Citizenship in Education?

The program is grounded in the belief that education is a universal human right in an increasingly interdependent world. Preparing students for life and work in a global society requires a deep understanding of global interdependence, contemporary issues, and the connection between local and global issues.

This certificate program seeks to develop globally-competent citizens by enhancing the knowledge and skills of teachers. Educators will be prepared to equip their P-16 students with knowledge, skills and dispositions to understand and act on issues of global significance.  

According to the American Council on Education, “America’s future depends on our ability to develop a citizen base that is globally competent.”

Certificate Requirements

The program requires completion of 12 units of course work and is designed to accommodate students with at least a baccalaureate degree, who are interested in internationalizing the school curriculum and programs.

  • SCED 690 Global Citizenship Education: Theory, Research and Policy (3)
  • SCED 691 Globalization and Global Issues (3)
  • SCED 692 Teaching Global Issues (3)
  • SCED 693 Capstone Seminar in Global Citizenship Educations (3)

This is a stand-alone certificate, or may be earned in conjunction with a doctoral or master’s degree (M.Ed.) program. Students can enhance their professional credentials by completing the certificate as part of a graduate degree program with up to 12 units of electives.

View degree requirements and course descriptions for the program in the Graduate Catalog.  

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