Simulation Lab

Towson University has been a leader in teacher preparation for 150 years, and it’s programs are recognized for their high quality and innovation. Towson University is excited to reveal that the College of Education has purchased a license to use Mursion in order to further the development and education of their pre-service teachers. By utilizing this tool, Towson University hopes to continue to evolve and improve their teacher preparation programs leading to more experienced and dynamic teachers post-certification.


Mursion is a virtual reality environment utilized by the Simulation Lab at Towson University. It provides pre-service K-12 teachers the ability to hone their skills in a safe setting while being given guided feedback from their instructors and peers while participating in a realistic classroom environment.

Used in more than 65 Universities in the country, Towson is among the first wave of schools applying this technology in an educational setting.

Visit the SIMTeach @ TU website for more information.