Council Committees

The College of Education is committed to its mission of preparing educators at all levels of experience to facilitate active learning in diverse, inclusive communities. Our faculty continually design, develop, implement, and assess academic programs to provide students with the expertise they need to shape the future of education.

College Council

The faculty, recognizing the full legal authority of the President of the University and his or her Delegates, must play a major role in the shared governance of the College. Therefore, the primary legislative and advisory board in the College of Education shall be the College Council, which shall provide for student, faculty, and administrative participation in College governance.


  1. Protecting the rights and privileges guaranteed to the faculty members of the College as specified by the Constitution and Bylaws of the College.
  2. Establishing procedures for determining membership on the College Council and its standing committees.
  3. Establishing a mechanism for holding regular meetings of the College Council and disseminating information.
  4. Upholding academic standards established for teacher education programs and reviewing monthly TEEB reports.
  5. Receiving proposals for new academic programs and reviewing significant changes in requirements for majors and minors in undergraduate and graduate programs of the College through the work of the Curriculum Committee.
  6. Consulting with duly constituted committees or university administrators.
  7. Consulting in the development and implementation of the budget and in the planning and use of the facilities allocated to the College.
  8. Maintaining professional standards and procedures for faculty development, productivity, research, and professional ethics consistent with policy established at the Board and University levels.
  9. Providing input into the development and evaluation of long-range academic plans for College.
  10. Designing, collecting, analyzing, and sharing evaluations of COE meetings as well as using these evaluations to inform planning and scheduling of future meetings.

2023-24 Members

Faculty Department
Ashley Lucas (Chair) SMED
Lea Ann Christenson ECED
Greg Knollman  SPED
Kathy Orlando ILPD
Bethany Rice ELED
Mary Slade ECED
Liyan Song LTDM

Committee Membership

For all committees below (with the exception of the Promotion and Tenure committee), one voting committee member shall be elected by and from each department and shall be subject to any restrictions established by the College of Education Council Bylaws or the Academic Senate. In the event that committee members are unable to serve, the members' departments shall elect eligible replacements to serve while the original members are unavailable. Faculty members of standing committees are limited to two consecutive three-year terms (unless elected or appointed to fill an unexpired term).

The Promotion and Tenure Committee is composed of one tenured member from each department. The Dean of the College serves as a non-voting member. The faculty electorate of the College, under the jurisdiction of the College Council, elects the members.  The members of the PTRM Committee are elected to a single three-year term, may not be consecutive, but may be re-elected on a staggered basis. Vacancies on the committee are filled in a special election and the newly elected member serves a three-year term. Any exceptions to this policy must be reviewed and approved by the College Council.

2022-2023 Committees and Members

Awards Committee

Plans, implements, and administers, in conjunction with the Council and the Dean's office, the annual recognition event of students, faculty and alumni.

Stephanie Moody (Chair) ECED
Christine Engbert LTDM
Eric Kuhn SPED
Rosa Pina-Leonard ELED
Chelsea McClure SMED
Brian Miller ELED
Ron Thomas ILPD

Curriculum Committee

  1. Serves as a liaison between COE departments and university level curriculum committees regarding new courses, course changes, course overlap, and any other curriculum approval business that arises.
  2. New Courses/Changes to Existing Courses: Via Imagenow workflow software, the COE Curriculum Committee receives and acts upon departmental proposals for new courses and for changes in existing courses, in alignment with guidelines established by the University Curriculum Committee including:
    1. New undergraduate courses or changes to current undergraduate courses sent to University Course Approval Reporting Committee.
    2. University Core Course Certification sent to University Core Curriculum Committee.
    3. Graduate Level Courses sent to Graduate School Course Curriculum Committee.
    4. Proposals for new programs or changes to current programs are now routed to the University Course Curriculum Committee.
Todd Keinrich (Co-Chair) SMED
Ocie Watson-Thompson (Co-Chair) ECED
Bonnie Brown LTDM
Michelle Hoover (Miller) SPED
Kathleen Reilly ILPD

Diversity Committee

  1. Facilitates the dissemination of department activities regarding diversity throughout the college (e.g. newsletter, website, Blackboard).
  2. Shares committee diversity projects with the College of Education (e.g. newsletter, website, Blackboard).
  3. Participates in the University's Diversity Committee and shares information and activities with the Council.


Roger Plunkett (Chair) ILPD
Bonnie Brown LTDM
Brenda Conley ILPD
Hoda Harati LTDM
Katherine Holman SPED
Amy Kit McDowell ECED
Cole Reilly ELED

Faculty Development and Research Committee

  1. Provides forums for College of Education faculty to develop and share research within the college.
  2. Promotes and disseminatse College of Education faculty research beyond the College.
  3. Plans and implements activities which support the productivity of faculty scholarship.
Rachel Billman (Co-Chair) SPED
Sara Hooks (Co-Chair) ECED
Qijie (Vicky) Cai LTDM
Deneen Dixon-Payne ELED
Suzhen Duan  LTDM
Chantal Francois ILPD
Kofi LeNiles ILPD
Brian Miller ELED

Promotion, Tenure and Review Committee (PT&R)

Reviews dossiers for faculty requesting tenure or promotion.

Gary Homana ELED
Jeff Kenton LTDM
Xiaoming Liu  ELED
Molly Mee SMED
Amy Noggle SPED
Stephen Schroth ECED
Jessica Shiller ILPD

Residential Learning Communities

If interested, please contact a member below.

Gina Laupert  SPED
Molly Mee SMED 
Jamie Silverman SMED
Ashley Wallace ELED

Scholarship Committee

  1. Supervises all College of Education scholarships under the guidelines set forth by the TU Foundation where most of the scholarships are created by donors.
  2. Awards any scholarships for students in programs within the College of Education.
Katie Gjoni (Chair) SMED
Scot McNary LTDM
Linda Miller ELED
Jennifer Pett ECED
Erin Richmond SPED

Information Technology Committee

  1. Facilitates communication between and among all College of Education departments and technology support services in College of Education, to enhance the access to and use of technology by faculty and students in the College of Education.

  2. Facilitates communication of faculty and student technology needs, including hardware, software, and professional development needs, to the Office of Technology Services (OTS), the Academic Committee for Technology (ACT), the Faculty Academic Center of Excellence at Towson (FACET), and the University Information and Instructional Technology Committee (UIITC).

  3. Supports the work of the College of Education Sandbox.

  4. Advises faculty of available technology resources and professional development opportunities.


Meghan Liebfreund (Co-Chair)


Rebecca Shargel (Co-Chair)


Arlene Harrison


Danielle Sutherland


Natalie Thomas


Marci Vandiver