Admissions Requirements

The professional B.F.A in Dance Performance and Choreography is a screened major and requires a dance audition.

Dance Company performing

There is a three-part admissions process into the dance degree program:

Step 1: Apply to Towson University

Students interested in the dance major need to apply to the university. The Dance Department does not require a final decision regarding acceptance to the university before moving to the next step, but we ask that each student has begun the Admissions process before auditioning.

Step 2: Register for an Dance Audition Time Slot

Register for an audition. This audition determines your acceptance into the First Year Foundational courses and your eligibility for a scholarship. Students may only audition twice for the major. If you are accepted into the dance major and do not attend classes within a year of your audition date, you must petition the department for later acceptance.

Step 3: Complete the Dance Foundational Courses

Once accepted to the university and the dance program, students must successfully complete the Dance Foundational courses with a "B" average (3.0) or above to continue in the major curriculum.

Second Audition

Students may audition twice for the major. Students not passing the audition are encouraged to start at Towson, take non-major dance classes, and re-audition during their freshman year. Keep in mind coming to Towson University does not guarantee a spot as a major.