Degree Completion Planning

Degree Completion Planning is a new advising process designed to more efficiently map your path towards graduation.

What is an Individualized Degree Completion Plan (IDCP)?

An IDCP takes the Suggested Degree Completion Plan of your major (or concentration or track) and personalizes it for your academic career given your unique needs, goals, and aspirations. This plan could help you save time and money by highlighting a more direct route towards degree completion and graduation.

Who needs to complete an IDCP?

Eventually, all Towson and University System of Maryland students will be required to complete an IDCP. During the Fall 2014 semester, new transfer students and students completing 45 credits by December 2014 will be the first group of students to create these plans.

How do I start to create an IDCP?

If you are a new transfer student or a student completing 45 credits by December 2014, please follow the Degree Completion Plan Guidelines. A link to these guidelines and to the IDCP form are in the related links on the right.

Who can help me?

An advisor in your department will help you with this plan. You may also contact Fayth Strain at or 410-704-3184 with any questions about the new degree completion planning process.

How does creating an IDCP affect my advising hold?

Completing this plan will remove your advising/enrollment hold.

Where are the Suggested Degree Completion Plans located?

The Suggested Degree Completion Plans are in the related links on the right or in the TU Online Catalog under your major (or track or concentration).

Why is it called a Four Year Plan of Study?

The heading "Four Year Plan of Study" is a convenient label and neither indicates nor promises that a major can be completed in four years. Transfer students may only be at TU for two years. Double majors or art, music, and dance education majors may need five years. Part time students may need more than five years. Consequently, it is more accurate to think of your plan as a "degree completion" plan without a time component.

Why am I doing this?

Your IDCP is required by Maryland Senate Bill 740 (SB 740). SB 740 is the Career and College Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013. It was signed into law May 2013 and requires all students to file an Individualized Degree Completion Plan.