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Guidelines for Preparing your Program for Printing

The process of preparing and presenting data for your recital, while it may seem trivial, is actually an integral part of the educational process. In researching the exact titles and dates of your recital music, you will no doubt gather a great deal of new information that will inform your performance. What author wrote the text for my songs? From what opera does this aria come? What is the opus number for the concerto I'm playing? Answers to these questions will help you to better understand the context of your music (historical, textual, etc.), and should thus inspire a more meaningful performance.

Creating programs with a uniform appearance also supports the department's mission of maintaining excellence in performance protocol. Just as your hours of practicing and composing allow you to communicate your music effectively, your hours preparing your program allow you to communicate information effectively. Your assistance in this process plays an important part in connecting with our valued patrons: family, friends, and members of the community.

We ask that you use the template posted on this page in preparing your program.

It is important that you prepare your program in the most professional and punctual fashion. We ask that you prepare your recital program according to the guidelines and deadlines listed below. Should you be unable to meet the deadlines listed below, the department reserves the right to cancel your recital.

By now you are likely aware of these important deadlines in submitting your program:

  • 4 weeks prior to recital - submit first camera-ready draft of program to applied teacher
  • 3 weeks prior to recital - receive revised/edited draft from applied teacher
  • 2 weeks prior to recital - submit final camera-ready draft to for review and final editing prior to printing

Again, all best wishes to you in this important endeavor.  Good luck!

Program Templates are listed below. Right click the proper template and select "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." depending on your browser.  Specify location on your hard drive you would like to save the file and click OK.

**NOTE: If you are not using the Susan Fine Langsam Memorial Steinway, please delete it's mention on your program.**

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