Script Library

The Bernadette Gietka Script/Resource Library provides a student-centered space in which students may discover new plays or find costumes or props for scene work.

The library is home to a collection of scripts, theatre books, rehearsal costumes, and rehearsal props that may be checked out by students. The office is staffed by a team of students that keep the Library organized and can help locate items and check out items. Generally, students are allowed to keep the materials for up to two weeks at a time; however, there are certain items (e.g., wheelchairs, telescopes, etc.) that may be borrowed for only a particular class period or more limited period of time. Since hours change semester by semester according to student work schedules, each semester the library hours are posted on the door of the library and emailed to the student email distribution list. The Script/Resource Library is located on the 2nd floor of the Center for the Arts (CA) in Room 2018.