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The Department of Computer and Information Sciences provides a variety of services, opportunities and facilities to help insure the academic success of our students.

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Student Resources

Third Attempt Policy

Students may not make a third attempt of a course except with prior approval. Students must complete a Third Attempt Petition DocuSign Form: Undergraduates & Graduates before registering for the course. 

Third Attempt Petitions for courses within the core foundational sequence (COSC 175, COSC 236, and COSC 237) will automatically be denied.

*Third Attempt Petitions for subsequent major courses will be evaluated by the undergraduate program director for the program in which the student is majoring and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

*Students who are denied a third attempt for a course in the core foundational sequence should contact Nichole Mason () for a conversation regarding alternative degree program possibilities. 

Prerequisite Waiver Request Procedure

The Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) Department at Towson University strictly enforces prerequisite course requirements for all undergraduate programs. However, in exceptional cases, students may request permission to enroll in a course without meeting the specified prerequisites. This policy outlines the process for requesting and documenting such exceptions to maintain academic integrity and ensure responsible decision-making. 

Students seeking to enroll in a course without meeting the required prerequisites must send an email request to the Program Director for the program in which the course resides and Heather Bohle, Academic Programs Manager (). The email request should include the following information:

  • Student's full name 
  • Student ID number 
  • Course number, title, and section
  • A detailed description of the reason for requesting permission to bypass prerequisites.

The Program Director will provide their written approval or denial of the request via email response to the student. Upon receiving approval from the Program Director, the student will be granted special permission to enroll in the requested course. Once special permission is granted, the student will be allowed to proceed with registration through the standard course registration process.

Looking to purchase a personal computer but don't know where to start? Find recommendations for minimum computer specifications and more through the Office of Technology Services web page.

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Note: These minimum specifications are sufficient for coursework within our degree programs. However, you may want to consider a long term solution otherwise known as "future-proofing".

Below you will find the minimum specifications and recommendations for future-proofing:

  • RAM or Memory
    • Minimum: 8GB
    • Recommended: 16GB
  • Processor
    • Minimum: Intel Core i5/Apple M1
    • Recommended: Intel Core i7, i9/Apple M2
  • Storage
    • Minimum: 120GB/250GB SSD
    • Recommended: 500GB/1TB SSD

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a personal computer, reach out to , Computer Resources Manager.

Advising allows for students to meet with their academic advisor to discuss the degree requirements, review the student’s progress, and help students decide what courses they should take in the next semester. 

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The Department of Computer and Information Sciences has a number of awards and scholarships awarded each spring. Information on each is given below. An announcement is sent by email to all department majors early in the spring semester with instructions on how to apply. Applications are normally due by the middle of February. 

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Adding special excitement to the student college experience, faculty in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences serve as advisors for several student clubs and organizations designed to augment the classroom experience by providing special hands-on experiences, prominent guest speakers at seminars, certifications, specialized demonstrations and collegiality with fellow students and professionals in the computing field. 

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Class schedules and locations for the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer semesters. 

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Whether you’re an undergrad just starting out or a doctoral student preparing your dissertation, sometimes all you need is just the right form. 

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Advising Hub

  • Students are encouraged to meet with Student Advisors at the CIS Advising Hub located in YR207 on the second floor of the 7800 York Road building.
  • Run by computing majors in our department, Student Advisors can help with course selection, degree planning, change of majors, transfer petitions, and general advising. Student led meetings and workshops are also held throughout the semester to help students build degree plans and learn more about our majors.
  • Student Advisors are available in-person Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm and Friday from 10am-4pm during the semester. Student Advisors can also be reached by phone at 410-704-4776.

Information Desk

  • Located in YR406, our Information Desk offers in-person assistance to students with general questions regarding the department and resources provided. The Information Desk can also be reached by phone at 410-704-2633.


  • Lab Administrators

    Our lab administrators provide assistance to students with technical questions, troubleshooting problems, network service access requests, and software installations.

    For more information about our lab administrators and their schedules, please visit the CIS-TechHub web page.

  • Tutoring

    The Tutoring and Learning Center provides in-person tutoring for select courses on a drop-in basis. Please view the Tutoring section of the TechHub web site for more information.

    While you take advantage of the tutoring options, there are other things to consider:

    All faculty are required to have office hours for their course and the department encourages you to see your professor during their office hours to get help. If you are not able to make the office hours, you can always try to contact them to make an appointment.

    For additional information, contact , CIS Tutoring Coordinator.

A variety of computer laboratories are available to provide support for CIS programs and student coursework. Many of these facilities are designated as Teaching Labs where faculty work with students to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the department’s many computer lab intensive courses. 

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The Department of Computer and Information Sciences oversees several hourly wage opportunities which include but are not limited to the positions of Student Computer Lab Administrators, Student Advising, and Student Tutors. CIS also encourages students to obtain Internships to go along with their studies in our department and oversees Graduate Assistantship opportunities for students. 

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Whether you’re considering transferring from another institution or just beginning your college career, the Department of Computer & Information Sciences has compiled some materials for you to make a more informed decision. 

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Students are expected to agree to the CIS Student Code of Ethics (DocuSign).

Upon completion of the form, students will be emailed a link to download a copy of the signed PDF.