Computer Labs

Computer Laboratories in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences

A variety of computer laboratories are available to provide support for CIS programs and student coursework. Many of these facilities are designated as Teaching Labs where faculty work with students to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the department’s many computer lab intensive courses.

Faculty and students in COSC computer labs
Faculty and students in CIS computer labs

Lab Hours

semester Sun M-F sat
Summer Closed 8am - 10pm Closed
Fall 10am - 3pm 8am - 10pm 10am - 3pm
Minimester Closed 9am - 5pm Closed
Spring 10am - 3pm 8am - 10pm 10am - 3pm

Each Teaching Laboratory hosts 30 student computer stations plus one instructor’s station. All PCs are outfitted with the software needed for our students to successfully complete their course requirements. Like the smart classrooms in 7800 York Road, the instructor’s station in all Teaching Labs will also consist of a computer projection system so that CIS faculty can provide instructional presentations for their students.

Several computer laboratories are designated as “Project Labs,” most notably the CIS Graduate Project Lab and the CIS Undergraduate Labs where undergraduate and grad students will have the dedicated facilities needed to complete coursework outside of their regularly scheduled class times. Many of the computers in these labs maintain special hardware and software setups insuring that students have the precise tools needed to complete a variety of special projects geared toward their coursework.

The YR-403, YR-402, and YR-407 CIS Project Labs are restricted to those students currently enrolled in CIS department courses. Please always feel free to see the CIS Lab Assistant if you have any problems or questions.

Other more specialized departmental facilities include the CIS Security Lab, a Linux Projects Lab, The Universal Usability Lab, The Doctoral Lab, Special Project Labs for Students and an Academic Achievement Lab which hosts the CIS Tutoring Help-Desk.