Department Jobs & Internships

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences oversees several hourly wage opportunities which include but are not limited to the positions of Student Computer Laboratory Assistants, Student Networking Assistants and Student Tutors. CIS also encourages students to obtain Internships to go along with their studies in our department and oversees Graduate Assistantship opportunities for students. Additional information is available below.


COSC Student Lab Assistants
Student Lab Assistants

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are offered through the CIS Department and other departments across Towson University.  All CIS Department Graduate Assistantship (TA) opportunities will be posted on the Towson University HandShake Website.

The deadlines for applying for CIS Department Graduate Assistantships are as follows:

  • Fall Semester Graduate Assistantships – May 31st
  • Spring Semester Graduate Assistantships – December 31st

More information about Graduate Assistantships can be found on the Office of Graduate Studies Website.


Student Laboratory Assistants

The department supports several students as lab assistants and networking assistants. 

All applications should be submitted through the Towson University HandShake application at:

Jobs are always open, deadline is rolling. 

Student Tutors 

Tutors are employed in the department to cover a wide range of 100 and 200 level courses in the areas of programming, database management and web development. 

Employment Eligibility

  • Tutor must have earned at least a B+ in all courses tutored;
  • Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA;
  • Must be able to adhere to a fixed schedule of available tutoring hours;
  • Must have above average English language skills (written and oral);
  • Must be willing to attend TU sponsored and paid CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) tutoring workshops.

At a minimum, tutors must be proficient in being able to tutor the following courses:

  • COSC 109 (Flash & MS-Expression Web)
  • COSC 111 (MS-Office applications) and
  • COSC 175, 236, 237 and 336 (Java programming courses).

Any and all department courses you could tutor above and beyond the classes indicated above would be a bonus.

Contact / Send e-mail inquiry to:

Sam Houston, CIS Resources Director, 


We encourage students to obtain internships as part of their studies in our department. Internship courses can be taken as part of the undergraduate Computer Science, Information Systems, and Information Technology degrees. Please visit the Towson University Career Center website to start your search and additional information on services, career advice, internships, jobs, career events, and networking.

COSC/CIS/ITEC 397 – Internship Course

Requirements for enrolling:

  • Have a CS/IS/IT-related job
  • No more than 20% of the job may be administrative or clerical
  • Have a GPA in the major of 2.75 or greater
  • Have completed at least two upper level courses (300/400) in the major
  • Fill out the Internship Description Form and get it signed by your supervisor
  • Turn the completed form into Dr. Dehlinger

Once the department verifies that you meet the requirements, you will get an email indicating that you have been authorized to register

For CS & IS majors:  COSC/CIS 397 may be taken twice; it can count once as an elective in the major and then count the second time for general credit toward the total number of hours required for the degree.

For IT majors:  ITEC 397 may be taken twice, both of which may count toward the total number of hours required for the degree.

For more information the internship courses (COSC 397, CIS 397, ITEC 397) e-mail 


Information Desk Staff

The department supports several students to staff the Department Information Desk. This desk serves as the student-run first point of contact for the department. 

All applications should be submitted through the Towson University HandShake application at:

Jobs are always open, deadline is rolling.