Using TU Timesheets, we help faculty and staff record time worked so they can get paid accurately.

Time and leave is recorded, approved and tracked using TU timesheets. Timesheets are available via the timesheets tile in myTU. Timesheets are due every two weeks, with some exceptions around holidays. Submission schedules vary according to employees’ regular or contingent status.

  • Timesheet calendar - regular (PDF
  • Timesheet calendar - contingent (PDF
  • Leave Codes

Timesheet Training

Topic Self-Help Video
Timesheet Instructions for Exempt Staff & Faculty Exempt Faculty & Staff (PDF) Exempt Faculty & Staff (VIDEO)
Timesheet Instructions for Non-Exempt Staff & Students Non-Exempt Staff & Students (PDF) Non-Exempt Staff & Students (VIDEO)
Timesheet Instructions for Non-Exempt Facilities & Parking Non-Exempt Facilities & Parking (PDF) N/A
Timesheet Instructions for Non-Exempt Police Non-Exempt Police (PDF) N/A
Timesheet Approval Process Instructions Approval Process (PDF) Approval Process (VIDEO)

Rounding and Overtime

The new time and leave system is configured to round up or down in 6 minute intervals.  Based on the configuration built in to round either up or down, the system generates and pays time based on taking the exact punches in and out and applying the rounding rules. If an employee doesn’t want to incur overtime, they should enter time in exact 8 hours of punches; not 8:17, 8:19, etc. This is where the rounding rules will potentially give overtime.  For example, if an employee punches in @ 8:17 am when they start working, the system will round those hours.  Based on the out punch, it will then pay overtime if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enter your hours, then approve your timesheet by clicking the submit button. Successful submission displays a yellow clock icon. The clock will turn green once your manager approves the timesheet.

No. To view timesheets that are pending approval, supervisors should log in to the Timesheet system, select the Approvals tab, select Pending Approvals, and from the dropdown menu select All Time After. Choose the date prior to the beginning of the pay period, then click Apply Filter.

You'll still enter your time for a two-week period. 

For exempt employees, timesheets will still be auto-populated for the week. The main difference will be that instead of entering “D” for duty day, timesheets will auto-populate with eight hours. You’ll adjust the number of hours each day based on the hours you worked. 

Non-Exempt Staff and Student employees will continue to record their start and stop times in their timesheets as usual.

Change the filter: in Approvals tab, select Pending Approvals, from the dropdown select "All Time After." Choose the date prior to the beginning of the pay period, then click Apply Filter.

The Time Administration process collects reported time from the timesheet for eligible employees and generates payable time.  Employees who earn overtime and shift differentials will be able to view payable time on the timesheet.

Time Administration runs Monday through Friday at 6 a.m., noon, 6 p.m., and midnight. The process may run more frequently closer to the timesheet due date.

Time that is or has been validated by the Time Administration process, meaning university policy rules have been applied and is ready for payroll processing.  You will see payable time after time administration has been run only if a timesheet has been submitted and approved by the manager or alternate approver.

Overtime calculations can be seen after the Time Administration process runs.  Time Administration only processes approved time by your manager. You will be able to view overtime or shift time after time is approved and Time Administration runs.  Timesheets are due at 10 a.m. at the end of the contingent and regular pay periods.  Approvals are based on reported time and not payable time.

This timesheet does not have the functionality of setting a default schedule.

Need Help?

We're here for you. For payroll questions, email . For questions related to leave, email . For timesheet-related questions, email

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