Procard Reallocation & Reconciliation System

The corporate procurement card program provides efficient means of making purchases, replaces the need for small dollar purchase orders, and eliminates substantial numbers of invoices in accounts payable.

ProCard Reallocation & Reconciliation System

The ProCard system is a custom program that allows our cardholders to easily manage transactions in the state's corporate Visa program to make purchases of $5,000 and under through Visa instead of invoicing.

Questions relating to reallocations or navigating the ProCard system should be directed to the PeopleSoft Team at .

For policy questions, reconcilations, credit increases, disputes, cancellations or new card applications please contact Procurement Card Program Administrator .


Online Procard Reallocation & Reconciliation

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How to Select Default Accounts for Visa Transactions

Visa transactions are posted to the PeopleSoft Financials system each month as part of the general ledger month-end close. To direct where the charges will hit in the PeopleSoft Financial system:

  1. Select a six-digit expenditure account to be assigned as the default category for your specific Visa card number. Please see the list of expenditure accounts.
  2. The ProCard Reallocation & Reconciliation System can then be used to reallocate your transactions to other departments and accounts as you choose.

Cardholders should choose a default account that is most appropriate for the majority of their charges. This minimizes the number of transactions that have to be reallocated to appropriate categories. To select or change your default account, send an e-mail request to .

How Visa Charges Get to Department Budgets

Financial Systems is responsible for the distribution of all financial transactions created under the Visa corporate card program. Cardholder charges and credits posted to Visa on a daily basis are pulled down by Financial Systems from the bank and are maintained as a database in the ProCard Reallocation & Reconciliation System.

While the 25th of each month is the transaction cutoff date established by the bank, the accumulated transactions are held longer in the ProCard system to allow cardholders time to reallocate transactions. At month-end, the transactions are transferred to PeopleSoft and Financial Systems reconciles between PeopleSoft, the bank and the state to ensure all transactions were correctly transfered. 

How to Move Transactions Originating From Visa Card Charges

One of the primary features of the ProCard Reallocation & Reconciliation System is to assist cardholders with managing the Visa transactions prior to posting to the university's PeopleSoft Financials system.

Charges and credits are available to cardholders or department business managers within 3-4 days of Visa posting the transaction. Transactions should be reallocated as appropriate to other departments and/or other account categories and can be reallocated as soon as the transaction appears in the system.

Reallocation access

Access to the ProCard Reallocation & Reconciliation System is determined by the user's authorized access. Transactions can only be reallocated between department/grants that you have access to. If you do not have access to a need department/grant, you may request this access by emailing . Written approval from an authorized signer on the requested department/grant is required before access will be granted.

For any amounts to be charged to another area you do not have access to, you may request the PeopleSoft Team to do the reallocation. Approval from the other department/grant must be obtained and emailed to before the reallocation can be done. Standard methods of transfer are also available such as interdepartmental requests and the spreadsheet upload process, which can be used to transfer the expense after it has been moved into PeopleSoft Financials.

Procurement Card Compliance Review Program

Towson University’s procurement card program is subject to audits by TU internal auditors, University System of Maryland (USM) auditors and legislative auditors. For more information on this program, please visit Procurement's ProCard Card Program page.


Procard frequently asked questions

How soon can I reallocate a charge?

You are able to reallocate a charge as soon as it shows up in the system. You do not need to wait for your statement or for the end of the month. Reallocating as soon as possible will help to ensure you do not miss the deadline.

When is the deadline for reallocating charges?

The deadline for reallocating charges is pre-determined for each month and can be viewed at the top of the PeopleSoft page. An reminder email is also sent to cardholders at the beginning of each month, about a week prior to the deadline.

What do I do if I miss the ProCard System reallocation deadline?

You can still move a ProCard expense after the month has been closed, but it will have to be done in PeopleSoft with an interdepartmental transfer. This is done through the Spreadsheet Upload process and information on how to do that is located on the PeopleSoft page. For any questions, please contact the PeopleSoft team at

I need to reallocate to a speedtype not listed - what do I do?

If the speedtype should be listed under your profile, contact the PeopleSoft team at , who can add it for you. To do this, you will either have to be an authorized signer for that speedtype or provide approval from someone who is.

If this is a one-time expense transfer, the PeopleSoft team can do it for you with approval from an authorized signer on the other department or an interdepartmental invoice can be used once the transactions have moved to PeopleSoft.

What is the difference between reallocation and reconciliation?

A reallocation is moving the charge from the default speedtype/account to another speedtype and/or account so that the expense transfers into PeopleSoft correctly at the end of the month.

Reconciliation is comparing the charges on your statement to the charges posted to your account to ensure they are correct.

What is the deadline for reconciliation? Is it the same as the reallocation deadline?

The deadline for reconciliations is the 15th of each month. This is different than reallocations, which is generally around the 7th of each month.

Who to contact? 

The PeopleSoft Team

For ProCard reallocations or any technical questions relating to using the ProCard Reallocation & Reconciliation System, please contact the PeopleSoft team at

The Procurement Card Program Administrator

For any policy questions, reconcilations, credit increases, disputes, cancellations or new card applications, please contact Lauren Davin at