Celebrating Diverse Histories & Cultures

We celebrate the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of all Tigers.

We are TU.

Diverse perspectives bring vibrancy to TU’s campus and richness to our classrooms. They deepen conversations and broaden our understanding. They make us better. We welcome Tigers from all backgrounds and celebrate the unique cultures and identities within our campus community. 

Throughout the year, a range of events, programs and multicultural organizations help Tigers in diverse communities strengthen their connections and develop a sense of belonging. You can find information about these resources in one place, including historical details, feature stories and stats to help you dive deeper into these valued cultures at TU. 

Celebrating History & Culture

Celebrating History & Culture


Number of countries represented by the fall ’23 incoming class. 


Portion of TU students who identify as racial/ethnic minorities.


Student organizations representing diverse cultural, religious and identity groups.

Your story matters.

Let us amplify it. Reach out to suggest a story idea, share information or request an addition to information presented here.

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