Celebrating Tigers with Disabilities

Raising awareness, offering resources and highlighting opportunities to build connection

Across our campus, there are students, faculty and staff managing apparent and non-apparent disabilities. Others are coping with chronic illnesses or navigating the world with neurodivergence. Some live with a combination of these experiences. Many of these Tigers face unseen challenges and must advocate for inclusion and accessibility that others take for granted. It is important to acknowledge these obstacles and highlight the culture that exists at the heart of this community. Their creativity, passion, resilience and drive makes them an impactful and interconnected part of our campus.
This page offers resources and accommodations to support these Tigers, events and groups to help them expand their connections and stories of inspiration and leadership from within their community. It also offers tips and advice on navigating life at TU with a disability to help them benefit from the wisdom of those who've come before. 

“ The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of the world but those who fight and win battles that others do not know anything about. ”


Who We Are

We are students, faculty, and staff; researchers, teachers and future business leaders. We are a richly diverse group with unique abilities and needs as well as individual preferences on how we, and our disabilities, are addressed. In general, this page uses person-first language, as in a "Tiger with a disability" instead of a "disabled Tiger," but we recognize that some prefer the latter, identity-first approach. When possible, we ask for and use each individual's preferred terminology. Above all, we invite you to be kind, make space for our needs and understand that a disability is just one part of the broader qualities, traits and interests that comprise a whole person.


of U.S. undergraduate students who report having a disability.


TU students receive support from Accessibility & Disability Services.


faculty and staff connect with HR for accommodations each term.

Connect With Us

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Disabled Student Union

A group of students with disabilities offering a welcoming environment and opportunities to advocate for campus accessibility.

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delta alpha pi honors society members

Delta Alpha Pi

An honors society recognizing students with disabilities for academic achievement and offering leadership opportunities.

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faculty and staff

Disability+ Faculty/Staff Assoc.

A network of support and empowerment for faculty and staff with disabilities, chronic illnesses and neurodiversity.

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Upcoming Events


Resources and Support

A number of campus departments offer resources and support to students, faculty and staff with disabilities. For students seeking disability-related assistance and support, including academic and/or testing accommodations, the main point of contact is Accessibility & Disability Services. Faculty and staff who need accommodations or support should connect with the Office of Human Resources. Questions regarding general accessibility and campus policies and practices can be directed to the in the Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity. Concerns about physical accessibility should be reported to Facilities Work Control at 410-704-2481 or , while support for technology accessibility is available through the Office of Technology Services. You can find information on inclusive recreation, including adaptive fitness equipment and sports clubs, through Campus Recreation Services.

Key resources for students, faculty and staff with disabilities are provided below.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

This group of faculty and staff identify accessibility challenges and work to solve them through improvements to the physical campus, policy updates and the expansion of educational programs to improve the campus climate.

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Neurodiversity Resource Committee

Students are building a more neuro-affirming campus through this staff-led committee. Members participate in and share perspectives on event and program development while gaining leadership experience.

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Supporting Equal Opportunity

Meet Robyn McCray

As Director of Accessibility & Disability Services (ADS) at TU, Robyn and her team provide affirming resources to students, from classroom and testing accommodations to transportation support and residential needs. They’re also working to build a more inclusive campus for students with disabilities and neurodiversity.

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Robyn McCray


Expand Your Knowledge

Tips and Advice

The following advice on successfully navigating TU comes from members of Delta Alpha Pi, an academic honor society for high-achieving students with disabilities:

  • Use your supports and resources. Studying with peers can help provide new perspectives.
  • Building in time for self-care is just as important as building in time to study. Remember to reward yourself.
  • Connect with the campus. Take your time to get used to the TU environment. You will appreciate it when you graduate!
  • Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to always know the next step. It’s OK to be unsure and figure things out at your own pace.
  • Work hard and try your best. Enjoy the learning process. There might be challenges but believe in yourself that you can overcome them.

Academic Programs

Students can prepare for careers in disability advocacy and support through dedicated academic programs. Offerings range from minors to doctoral programs spanning a range of concentrations.

TU celebrates and recognizes the cultural identities and lived experiences of its community members.

We see you.

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