Inclusive Recreation

Campus Recreation celebrates the many faces, cultures, and identities of our vibrant campus.  We believe in treating everyone with respect and strive to foster a healthy, positive, and inclusive community within a safe environment.  Join us in supporting these efforts by choosing to Rec Responsibly.

Inclusive Recreation

What does it mean to Rec Responsibly?

It means...

  • To utilize recreation resources to better ones personal health and well-being
  • To be proactive about safety and manage risk
  • To treat yourself, others, and the space you are utilizing with the utmost respect and consideration
  • To be accountable for one’s personal behavior and interaction with others
  • To create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all
Adaptive Recreation Programs

Each semester Intramural Sports offers "Learn to Play" programming which aims to introduce the campus community to adaptive sports.  All are encouraged to participate.  A schedule of current offerings is available here.

Campus Recreation offers personal training services with certified personal trainers who can provide individualized programs for members with specific needs.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, we introduced the campus to Goalball.  While Goalball is a sport designed for visually impaired athletes, all are welcome to participate.  Check out the video from our fall event.    

Adaptive Fitness Equipment

Campus Recreation has installed several pieces of fitness equipment that provide greater levels of accessibility than traditional equipment. These pieces are designed to provide individuals of varying levels of ability with options to exercise. The Functional Floor on the level 2 fitness floor is also completely user-defined allowing individuals to adapt their workouts.

Our friendly staff on the fitness floor are available to provide equipment orientations to all equipment throughout the facility. No appointment necessary, just ask!

Gender Inclusivity Policies for Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs

Intramural Sports

All participants are permitted to play under the gender they identify as.


  • Open league: Teams consist of students, faculty, staff, and alumni that have purchased an alumni pass. Anyone is welcome to participate in the open league, regardless of their gender identity.
  • Women’s league: Teams consist of female students, faculty, staff, and alumni that have purchased an alumni pass.
  • CoRec league: Teams may consist of students, faculty, staff, and alumni that have purchased an alumni pass. Teams are required to have both male and female participants. The required number of male and female participants depend on the individual sport and can be found on the Eligibility Chart below or within the individual team sport rules.

Sport Clubs


Participation will be evaluated on two criteria; open participation and governing body participation. Open participation will refer to practices and events that are not managed by a governing body. Governing body participation will refer to contests that are managed by a governing body.

  • Open participation: Participation will be in accordance to one’s gender identity, should that be relevant, regardless of any medical treatment.
  • Governing body participation: Participation will be in accordance with standards set by the governing body of the specific sport.
    • If no specific policy is mandated, administrative staff will contact governing body for clarification on eligibility. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to meet the standards identified by the governing body. Administrators will only be responsible for facilitating communication between the participant and the governing body.


When possible, Towson University Sport Club athletes utilizing lodging should be assigned accommodations based on their gender identity, with more privacy provided, if possible, when requested.

Inclusive Recreation Facilities


There are two all gender shower rooms that include a toilet, sink and shower to accommodate members who desire additional privacy. One shower room is located in the hallway past the pool, room 143, and the second one is located next to the Equipment Room, room 165. Both shower rooms have day-use lockers in the hallway and are ADA accessible.

For all gender access to the pool, please use BU 144A.

Participants are free to utilize Campus Recreation locker room facilities in accordance with their self-identified gender. This policy aligns with the Fairness for All Marylanders Act. Each locker room is equipped with ADA compliant lockers that are available for day use.  These lockers are also available for long-term rental upon request. 

Both the men's and women's locker rooms have two private changing rooms to offer more privacy to our patrons.

An ADA accessible, all gender shower room includes a toilet, sink and shower to accommodate members who desire additional privacy. This space is located in the hallway past the pool, room 143.


All information, discussions, and correspondence regarding a participant’s transgender identity will be secured and maintained confidentially in compliance with applicable state, local, and federal laws. This information could potentially be shared with individuals that could provide assistance with accommodations for the participant. This information will only be shared if granted the express written consent of the participant.


A nursing room is located in Burdick Hall, room 127. TU Nursing Rooms provide a private, secure, clean space for breastfeeding mothers.


A chairlift is accessible in the Burdick Pool for those who need assistance. 


Campus Recreation has two accessible water fountains installed in the hallway of Burdick. They are located outside of the Main Office, room 148, and by the entrance doors to Gym 3.


A paratransit drop-off is available outside of the building off of Towsontown Boulevard. Learn more.

Service Animal Hooks

Service animals are permitted in the recreation facility. Comfort animals are not. There are wall hooks available so that service animals can be safe and out of the way while their owner enjoys their workout. Current locations are in Gym 1 and Gym 3. If there are other areas in need of a wall hook, please contact the Assistant Director- Membership & Guest Services at .  

Disability Accommodations

If you need disability accommodations to participate in any of our programs, activities or classes, please contact the Assistant Director- Membership & Guest Services by phone at 410-704-5362, or by email to .  We ask that you please notify us preferably two or more days prior to the program, activity or class.